Just a little glitter

Published January 24, 2015 by lynn k scott

We have a birthday party to attend this afternoon for a little girl.  She’s under 5, so I thought I would personalize the gift bag I am using.  I save all the gift bags and a lot of the tissue paper that we receive as gifts.  There is no sense in throwing away perfectly good, reusable bags.

First, I made sure the gift bag would hold the presents I had purchased.  It does, so onto the next step.

Next, gather your supplies:  gift bag, liquid (white) glue, newspapers, glitter

Layout a large piece of newspaper on a flat surface.  Place your gift bag on the paper.  Write the name in glue and then sprinkle glitter over glue.

20150124_084450-1  Wait about 5 minutes and lift bag and lightly shake off excess glue onto the newspaper.  Set the bag somewhere safe so the glue can dry completely.  You don’t have to write perfectly to make this unique addition work.  It will be different than what everyone else will bring.  You will have personalized it and that alone will create a memory.

A spin on this would be to get a large, sparkly letter that you can tie or glue to the bag.  Someone did that years ago to one of my daughter’s gifts.  They used a brown paper bag that had twine handles. They used the first letter of her name and added that to the bag by tying it the handle and it hung down over the top of the bag.  As a parent, I loved it and have remembered this simple gesture years later.

So use what you have and enjoy creating something extraordinary from everyday items.



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