Have a Memory?

Published February 18, 2015 by lynn k scott

Can I have a memory? That was the question my daughter started asking a couple of years ago (she’s nine now). She typically would ask while we were out and about or somewhere we don’t usually go. Some people might call it a souvenir vs a memory.  I know “souvenir” is French for “memory” but a child doesn’t care about such semantics.

I once asked her why she doesn’t call it a souvenir, but a memory. She responded that she prefers to call them memories because she wants to remember that particular day; it’s how she ties the object to her mind.

To this day, she has a collection of memories, special to her, that she carries around in a large bag, at times. She will tell you what her memories are and their meaning, if you ask.

I predict she’s going to age into a wonderful woman who will share amazing stories, and memories, with those who will listen. She will have collected years’ worth of memories and you will be able to watch her face as she recalls why each of her items are so precious to her.


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