A Word of Thanks

Published March 3, 2015 by lynn k scott

I have to take a moment and thank Jason from http://aopinionatedman.com/.  I found his blog about three months ago when I decided to give this whole blogging thing a go.  He quickly became one of my favorite blogs to follow.  He is very generous with his ability to assist other bloggers in sharing their work and he helps promote guest bloggers.

Today he ran a simple challenge:  share pics of where you live.   I stepped up to the plate.  Heck, it beat doing actual work at my job.  Never would I have imagined, that I would receive the most likes, views and follows, since I began my simple little blog to share my thoughts with whoever would “listen”.  Now, I’m just over 50 views and for me that’s quite an accomplishment.  Additionally, I have had some wonderful comment exchanges today because of the challenge I and others chose to participate in.  Lastly, I’ve found some really interesting blogs that have made me smile, drew some water from my eyes and provoked a few thoughts.

That being said, a humble thank you goes out to you; Opinionated Man!


6 comments on “A Word of Thanks

  • Yes, every year at our annual summer party, my friends think I am running low on alcohol, so several bottles are brought to replenish the stock. Then normally around Christmas-time, my husband’s coworker gives him several bottles of wine that his wife brings home from her job at a winery. It’s really a good thing I don’t drink often. lol


  • OM really is a fantastic guy, and a very very helpful blogger, he welcomes new bloggers and offers a ton of free how to’s on the ins and outs of blogging, my blog is what it is because of his advice and his occasional reblogs 🙂 trust me your stats will climb rapidly 🙂


    • I would have to agree with you. I was writing on another site, which turned out to be such a huge disappointment. I just wanted to write. I’m amazed to have as many followers as I do. I enjoy reading his blog…still waiting to be offended – lol. I’ll have to be sure to tell him if/when that ever happens. For now, I’m content being a simple blogger with some really cool followers.


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