Gong Hey Fat Choy!!! (Happy New Year in Cantonese)

Published March 6, 2015 by lynn k scott

It’s time to celebrate the New Year this weekend.  Yes, I’m perfectly well aware that we’re already into March.  However, I’m almost elated to learn I didn’t miss the Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco this year.  It’s taking place THIS weekend!!!

Tomorrow will be the parade and street fair.  Sunday will just be the street fair.  We go in on Sundays.  It’s very crowded, but I can actually handle it as there are side streets I can move to when I need a break from the massive amounts of people.  It’s one of the few CA traditions I have.  I’ve only missed a few Chinese New Year celebrations.  Once I was on crutches, once it was raining (downpour) and wasn’t chancing it with a newborn and the other time I had the flu.  Not bad 3 out of 17 times.

Taken by Michael S. - Yelp website

Taken by Michael S. – Yelp website

We will stop by my favorite bakery:  Eastern Bakery on Grant Ave.  If you ever get to San Francisco, this tiny bakery has the best butter cream rolls and (my all-time fave) baked bbq pork buns.  They are so fresh, soft and the bread melts in your mouth.  I wait all year to eat these.  It’s worth a gluten attack.  Last year it took me a week to recover.  I’m going to use a bit more moderation this time around, but I’m still going to have those baked pieces of goodness.

Then we will stop in one of the stores and buy a good luck charm; another tradition.  As it is year of the sheep, I should be fun to see what I can find.  I’m not Chinese, but I am white as rice.  My daughter, who’s nine, loves this celebration as much as I do.  I love the cultural exchanges she gets to be a part of.


2 comments on “Gong Hey Fat Choy!!! (Happy New Year in Cantonese)

    • Absolutely will! I can only have one of each. Last year I had 4 of each over several days and Chinese food for dinner. It almost put me in the hospital. I plan on taking a lot of pics and blogging about it. I’m in Solano Co., so we don’t get to SF often ($10 in tolls, plus gas and parking), but this is a must.


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