What is Customer Service?

Published March 6, 2015 by lynn k scott

What is customer service?  It’s a simple little concept that you appreciate the people that buy your goods and/or services. For example, we pay quite a large sum of money to an insurance carrier.  We have bought their goods.  (Ok, that’s almost laughable considering what I think of insurance carriers.)  Now, the carrier was nice enough to give us a dedicate representative.  That is so much better than the “team” approach which rarely results in any customer service because notes are rarely updated.

Silly me calls my representative today.  I have 5 invoices to authorize payment on.  Some have HUGE credits.  I can’t balance how they applied the funds to what I have listed.  All I wanted was the amount they received and how it was applied. Three calls and 8 hours later we have discovered:

  • She misunderstood what I wanted
  • With her misunderstanding, I wasn’t going to get what I needed today
  • Knowing I wasn’t getting the information I needed today, she fails to relay that information
  • I reiterate what I’m looking for (call #2)
  • She sends a spreadsheet WITH THE SAME INFORMATION I ALREADY HAVE and I found an error in her information, which she acknowledged was incorrect
  • Clearly she still didn’t understand what I needed
  • Now it’s been escalated to the finance department
  • I knew that’s who I needed to speak with because I clearly stated what I needed

This is an example of bad customer service.  Don’t provide bad customer service.  Just listen and ask for clarification if you’re unsure.  Otherwise I sit in my office, with my door (you know who this is directed at lol) and swear about poor customer service.

It’s Friday and there’s a drink in my future in about 60 minutes…just saying!


13 comments on “What is Customer Service?

  • I used to work in customer service for AT&T at a call center. You have no idea the amount of calls that come in in a days time with the customer complaining about what you just wrote about. The main problem with those calls is the fact that the customer is already very upset and I had to deescalate them before I could even get started on their issue. It was representatives like the one you talked to today that made my job extremely difficult and wrecked my nerves. Good luck when you call them back!

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