I’ve reached that stage…

Published March 7, 2015 by lynn k scott

I’ve reached that stage in my life, where I have friends with adult children.  Ok, so I have adult children too.  I’ve reached that stage in life where I am invited to weddings and other celebrations because of the parents.

Today, I am attending my friend’s son’s wedding.  It’s rather small ceremony, held at a home, very intimate.  These are some of the best weddings I have ever attended.  It just dawned on me.  When I was getting married to my first husband, my mother told me I had to invite certain people; my parents friends.  I never could understand that.  Now, many moons later, I am one of those friends.  My friend invited me because I do know her son and I’ve met his fiance multiple times.

It’s just odd realizing you’ve gone from guest as a friend of the bride and groom to guest because of being friends of the parents.  It’s just another phase I am passing through.  Ironically, I became friends with the groom’s mom when we were in the Blue Star Mother’s group.  Our sons are only a few years apart in age.


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