Journey to Pier 39

Published March 9, 2015 by lynn k scott


Today’s journey in San Francisco continues where yesterday’s journey left off as we left Chinatown.

The seals mark the entrance to Pier 39.   There are actually several ways you can enter, but this says, “welcome” and we always enter this way.

Before we step onto Pier 39, lets see how to get there.  We left Chinatown, which is really only about 10 minutes away from the Pier.

 100_0289    Can’t talk about San Francisco without mentioning the cable cars.  You can actually catch one of these classics at a variety of locations throughout the city.  The most popular tourist area
is near Ghirardelli Square.

2015-03-08 13.33.32Ignore the arm, I was in the passenger seat trying to grab a quick shot of the Ferrari.  It’s San Francisco, but this really isn’t all that uncommon of a sight.  Being married to a “car guy”, he points all this stuff out to me.  I see these cars and think, “nice” as they VROOOOM away.

Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 offer lots of parking and they charge a premium price for it too.  We use to park in the Anchorage Garage.  I think they have to be one of the most expensive lots since they had a change in management several years ago.  We actually park about five blocks away, in an underground lot, for $15 for the day.  The closer you get to the Pier, the more you will pay, per quarter hour!

We begin our walk.  I’ve reattached my backpack.  It’s really the only way to carry all your stuff around San Francisco.  It’s ideal for walking.  For those of you who have never been.  Start off wearing a short-sleeved shirt and bring a light jacket. The temperature changes consistently, and if you will be walking, you will want to be dressed in layers.  Actually, you dress in layers throughout most of the Bay Area.

100_0343On our walk in, we pass a Muni bus.  It runs on electrified cables that a hook on top of the bus connects with (simple explanation).  I love the look of this transportation.  I took several pictures of these really making us look like tourists.  We continue our walk to Pier 39.


We stop at the food vendors and restaurants to pick up a drink and a snack.  Alioto’s is just one of the fine dining, but casual attire restaurants in this area.  I always think of Alioto’s because this was where I celebrated my first birthday in California.  Ahh…memories….You can choose to pick one of the restaurants to go have a nice meal or just pick up some drinks and a fresh seafood snack and continue on your way.

This is what the inside of the open vendor market (for lack of a better term) looks like.  I was getting hungry just walking through here snapping pictures.2015-03-08 14.35.55

2015-03-08 14.35.26  100_0352

Getting hungry yet? It’s really fun to walk through here.  It’s completely open and smells divine; if you like seafood that is.

Continuing on, you can’t get to Pier 39 without passing the street vendors.   They have colored, as in gold and silver, guys using music and doing various poses and other creative movements to illicit tips from you.  Then there are the musicians and artists.  Several of the street artists make amazing pictures using spray paint and various cut-outs, sponges, and all sorts of other tools.  My son was so impressed when he visited, he bought two of pieces, which he gifted to us.

                                                2015-03-08 14.37.56    2015-03-08 16.13.32

Another thing San Francisco is famous for is their sourdough bread.  One company that has made bread into an art form is Boudin.  You pass their store on the way to the Pier.  You can stop in for a quick snack, grab a cup of Peet’s coffee (better than the other chain, imo) or grab some bread to take home with you.


100_0399        100_0397

Teddy Bear and Alligator bread

While I had hoped to get you onto Pier 39 in this post, it looks like there will be three posts about my day in San Francisco yesterday.  We have seen Chinatown, you’ve walked with me almost to the Pier, and soon we will arrive to see what Pier 39 actually has to offer.  Stay tuned for part 3…..


7 comments on “Journey to Pier 39

  • OHHHHHHH! Alioto’s! My dad took me there the last time I went. I have always loved that place…the ‘rents used to take us there when we were kids. I love the wharf and Pier 39. And Boudin? *drool* The one thing I miss the most that I can’t get my hands on here is the sour dough. NOTHING compares.

    I love this post!!!! (And am homesick…AGAIN!)

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