Establishing Appointment: I call BS!

Published March 16, 2015 by lynn k scott

No secret I don’t play nice with those in the medical field.  Ironically, I have several close friends who hold medical positions. I just never utilize their facilities.  So if you’re offended by those that bash the medical community, you might want to skip this particular post.

Dear Doctors:

I FINALLY managed to make a damn appointment after 30 minutes on the phone because of your office procedures which are in direct conflict with the carrier’s policy. I’m tired of this “establishing appointment” shit. You are not the doctors of yesterday. Your clinic mentality does more harm than good. You barely know your patients because you are rarely in the office. You allow your cohorts to pick up your slack.  The increase in scripts, potentially dangerous combinations, not treating the root of on-going symptoms and most of all, not even knowing the patient’s name before entering the room.  Where is the trust bond?  It never existed because you flip patients faster than houses are flipped in Vegas.

Patients rarely end up with the doctor you “establish” with anyway. You up and change practices like us little people change shoes or are constantly unavailable and we get stuck with whomever is available.

Yet, a meet and greet appointment isn’t going to change the fact I’m not telling you shit. It’s need to know and you only need to know what I am there for. My medical history is my business til I deem it necessary that you need to know. This appointment is strictly to have a test ordered and then I will see an Internal Medical doctor, which costs more to see. Why should I pay you $25 to order a stupid test. Why should I go in at all when the same information I will give you in person can be given over the phone?

Family medical doctors are strictly a means to an end. When I need something that any doctor can do, then you’re worth the $5 copay. When I need a real doctor, who can’t relay on Nurse Practioners to do their job, I see someone in Internal Medicine. Another benefit of that is there are less kids at their facilities.

I’m sorry, I have enough anxiety just making and attending appointments, I cannot deal with other people’s kids during this time. My patience starts at nil when I need to go to the doctor. I also stand less of a chance of catching whatever the kid has because most of the issues that internal medicine deals with aren’t contagious.  You love your open floor plans, yet don’t have the foresight to separate those sick with those who are well.

Health “care” – biggest damn scam on the planet.

Go ahead…say it…I already know I”m a bitch. I’m ok with it. I will always despise doctors until one gets off his/her ass and proves they give a shit about what they do for a living.


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