You did not just say that

Published March 16, 2015 by lynn k scott

My daughter loves to play 20 questions.  Only she isn’t thinking of something I need to guess.  She just wants to ask a variety of questions, all leading back to the same one she’s been trying to get an answer to for months.

Starts out:

Lil miss:  What’s your favorite color?

Me:   Purple

Lil miss:  What’s your favorite food?

Me:  Pad Thai

You get the idea….

Then she rattles off several questions back to back.  And then she went for it…

Lil miss:  Who’s your favorite child?

Me:  *giggle*  Nice try!

Lil miss:  Aww c’mon.  You always say you save the best for last.  Well I’m the last child…sooooooo?

Me:  *thinking damn she’s persistent*  Nope, not saying.

Lil miss:  Ya know, people who are drunk say what they really mean.  You should have some wine.

Me:  *laughing so hard I’m almost crying*  Did you just say I need to get drunk so you can ask me who my favorite child is?

Lil miss:  YUP!  *looking mighty smug, I might add*

Me:  “laughing harder”  GO AWAY!  Where do you get this stuff?!?

To think, I taught her to speak and on purpose!  Life is never dull with a creative nine-year old trying to outdo herself!


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