Our School Mascot

Published March 17, 2015 by lynn k scott

Having made the decision to home school my elementary school daughter has been both challenging and adventurous.  One day, while starting dinner, she stopped working on her English assignment.  Then, she states her infamous question, “Mom, can we talk?”

Oh boy, now what does she have on that inquisitive little mind?  I always try to oblige her inquiries.  It’s one of the things I discovered while homeschooling.  I pay more attention to her though process.  It’s not the simple routine of completing homework, eat, a bit of television and then bed.  It has turned into my daughter contributing to her education.  It’s answering questions about whatever her curious nature can come up with.

Now, my daughter had 1.5 years of public school.  For instance, her former school had a shark as its mascot.  Now I know I mentioned this briefly in a different post, but here are the actual details.

Lil Miss:  “Mom?  Why don’t we have a school mascot?”

Me:  “Hmm.  I never really considered having one.”

Lil Miss:  Well can we have one then?

Me:  I’ll tell you what.  We can choose a school mascot, if you select an animal and tell me why it should represent our school.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes she would think up different animals.  One suggestion was a lion.  I asked her why it should represent us.  She responded that it had all that hair and we had long hair too.  Had to burst her bubble that all the lion’s hair was called a mane and it was for the male lions.

She chose a bird, but I can’t remember which one.

She chose a monkey but didn’t know why it would work for us.

She walked away, determined to find an animal for her school.

Minutes later she comes running back into the kitchen.  She excitedly yells, “WOLF!  I want a wolf!”

Now this may sound stupid, but I have been fascinated with wolves all my life.  It’s too the point, I believe they are my totem animal.  No eye rolling, it’s true.  The one animal that I’ve never lost sight of is the wolf.  My inner child was jumping up and down at her suggestion.   Yet, as her teacher, I had to stick to the plan.

“What kind of wolf?”, I ask.

Her head tilts to the side, as her eyes glossed over and she said, “huh?”.

“There is the Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf, Arctic Wolf…”

She cut me off.  “I want the Arctic Wolf.  That sounds really nice.”

Next, the hard part came.  WHY?  Why should the Arctic Wolf represent our little home school?

My precious baby was quiet for about 10 minutes.  Her eyes widen in her “ah ha” moment and she states, in a matter-of-a-fact voice:  It should represent us because it’s both beautiful and fierce at the same time.”

Logic.  I couldn’t argue with her reasoning.  I want her growing up strong and confident in her perceptions.  She is absolutely beautiful and I have no doubt she’s going to be one to contend with years down the road.

I agreed and we had a school mascot.  Eventually, I will make something official showing our mascot and school colors.  We chose purple and silver .  If we can have a mascot, we have have colors too!

If you’ve never seen an Arctic (aka white) wolf before, here’s a link so you can view these magnificent wolves yourself.  As I haven’t personally taken these pictures, the link will have to suffice.

Arctic Wolf Photos


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