Crock pot: Whole Chicken

Published March 19, 2015 by lynn k scott

This morning I put a whole chicken in the crock pot.  I’m so proud of myself for using the crock pot three nights this week.  It truly is a time saver.


It’s a simple recipe.  Again, it’s easily adaptable.  As you can see, I’m using a whole chicken, some olive oil, an orange, an onion and a seasoning mix.

I found the seasoning shaker at a yard sale for 25 cents.  It was the best quarter investment ever!  I am able to premix my seasonings with ingredients I have on hand.  No pre-made seasoning mixes for me.  Best part is I get even distribution of the seasoning.  This particular blend  consists of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika.

The orange and the onions are quartered and will be in the cavity of the chicken.  I cut and set them aside prior to preparing the chicken.  I also use another container to hold a small amount of olive oil.  This way, there is no cross-contamination risk with touching the chicken then the oil bottle.

20150319_055306 I  rinse and pat the bird dry with some papertowels.  I sprinkle a little seasoning in the cavity, add the produce and tie up the legs.  Then I flip it over, breast side down.  Drizzle a bit of oil.  In the crock pot, it’s not really necessary, but it helps the seasoning adhere better.  Lightly sprinkle with the seasoning mixture and then flip it over.

If you lift the skin over the breast, your hand can go under the skin and loosening the skin will allow you to season the breast. After you loosen the skin, shake some seasoning in your hand and then wipe on the chicken breast.  Which, while I am typing this, I remember that I loosened the skin from the breast and didn’t add the seasoning.  Oh well….next time.

Now, drizzle a bit more oil.  Shake seasoning over the entire bird.  That’s it.  Simple, right?


Place chicken in the crock pot.  I add about a half of a cup of water.  You don’t need much.  Cover and cook.  I set mine on High for 5 hours and the crock will revert to “warm” until I get home.   You get to pick which side dish(es) you’d like to add.



13 comments on “Crock pot: Whole Chicken

  • I really, REALLY love my crock pot. I’ve had it about 4 years now. It’s starting to show signs of consistent use. I bought a backup and it isn’t “my” crock. I’m don’t know what I’m going to do. Going to look for the same brand and hope for the best. lol. Thanks, I made corned beef, beef roast and now chicken for the last 3 nights.

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  • Kudos on the crockpot dedication! I really really really really need to get better about using my own. There are so many nights that I’m just so preoccupied with writing, or exhausted from all day toddler taming that dinner is just not on my priority lists. Maybe this summer I’ll force myself to use it at least three times a week…for me!

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    • I’ll have to check them out. I rarely do freeze ahead meals because I buy per weekly sales vs buying to the recipe. Also, I have a food allergy, so many recipes are not “me” friendly. Always looking for ideas though, because I’m good at making substitutions that turn out great! Thanks for sharing.

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      • You’ll have to let me know what you think. I love the fact that they offer their recipes for free and that they went to all the trouble of making grocery lists for these recipes. Thanks for sharing your own recipe. I love trying new recipes and yours seems very easy. So thanks again! 🙂

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      • Definitely will! I’m forever reading and adapting recipes. I rarely follow shopping lists, as I either already have the majority of basics or I can’t eat it. I’ll see if perhaps I will be able to borrow and idea or two. I try not to get over-complicated in my dishes. My husband doesn’t like “high-end” food. I used to make stuff from my catering days, he’s not into all that. Enjoy!

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      • Neither am I, simple is best! I have a family of 6 (5 still at home). I just made 13 crockpot meals last week (which I froze for later) and I only spent $150. We don’t eat out and have a strict budget. My husband helped me assemble the meals, which was a lot of fun. Now we are set with meals for awhile. 🙂

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