Community Rallies to Help “Shamed” 6 -year old

Published March 23, 2015 by lynn k scott

I’m sure some of you have seen this when it first happened.  A student in Oregon if frequently a few minutes late to class.  The school believes in public shaming, as others have confirmed this is standard procedure.  Now, I’m all for accountability.  Perhaps we should take a look at some facts that I temporarily omitted.

  • The student in question is a 6-year old first grader
  • He has a 3 year old sibling
  • His mother isn’t in the best health
  • The family car doesn’t always work

The school’s administration thinks segregating a small child from his class at lunch, making him sit behind a cardboard barrier and make him eat his lunch in isolation is appropriate.

Here is the link so you can read about it and see this child being held accountable for something that’s completely out of his control.

Student Shaming in Redwood, Oregon

I was outraged as the next parent.  I would have definitely lost more than my cool had I walked in on this and saw my child being treated by his “educators”.

There is some good news to come out of this.  I heard about it on the radio on my commute into work.  A local radio DJ ran with the story after his mother posted her son’s punishment on Facebook.  In the outrage, the post and picture went viral. The good news is the community rallied to support this family.

They received a donation of a minivan, gas card and some oil changes.  I was so glad to hear something good came out of all that hurt.

Every day, stories like these make me grateful that I chose to home school.  With bullying running rampant in our public education system, it’s hard not to wonder about the safety of your child when they are not with you.  They are supposed to be receiving an education while at school.  They are supposed to be safe.

I will make the statement that part of the reasoning bullying is completely out of control is because of school districts like the one in Redwood, Oregon.  Why haven’t those “educators” who thought this was an acceptable form of discipline come forth to defend their asinine decision?  Are they not proud for humiliating a 6-year old child for something he couldn’t control? Where is the compassion for a mother with a medical condition that is partly responsible?  Is it because she doesn’t have a serious enough disease like cancer?  Where is the school district and it’s investigation?

Until the school districts, administrators and teachers who practice and get away with bullying children are held accountable, how do we expect them to hold the kids at school accountable for their bullying actions?  Oh wait…they don’t.  Therein lies the rub!

10 comments on “Community Rallies to Help “Shamed” 6 -year old

  • Hey Lynn, I am glad you posted that. It is outrageous, That kind of treatment to a very young person, who is not to blame is what causes mall massacres, when they grow older. The traumatic experiences such as that, should be recognized by “school officials”, and punishing someone who is not at fault only reinforces their lack of self-esteem. They are lucky I wasn’t involved! Great post too.

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  • Wow! I hadn’t heard about this until I saw your post. That is effing outrageous. I’m so glad that some people pitched in to help this family out, so something good came from a terrible situation, but jeez. I have a first-grader and I’d flip out. You’ve got kids getting depressed, suicidal, bullying worse than ever, and they faculty/administration thinks it’s okay to just add to it? What BS.

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  • I had read about this and was appalled! This should be such an embarrassment to their school district that they would immediate classes for all teachers to learn appropriate forms of discipline. And apologies to all concerned.

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  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the public education system in this country is simply broken. I wish there was some way that everyone could have other options. I had kind of the same situation growing up at some points in my life. Usually with the inability to purchase the necessary school supplies. Binders and paper are cheap, but when the choice is between those and food or the utility bills, you go with the food and utilities. So I’d get bullied by the teachers and administration, and literally made fun of for our economic situation, right after my mom and dad divorced. Thankfully, my mom worked her butt off to provide for us and moved up quickly, so it didn’t last too long, but not every child is so lucky.

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    • We don’t have much ourselves. I do my best to buy only same items, so I have a small stash for the year. I now buy $5 of supplies to donate. We grew up broke, so I know the torment. I am glad, we aren’t guilted into supporting the school via the PTA.

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