Mommy’s Jam

Published March 24, 2015 by lynn k scott

“That’s Mommy’s jam” is what my daughter tells my husband when we’re in the car driving here or there.  It’s true.  I’m addicted to “Uptown Funk”.  Now, the song is credited to Mark Ronson and only features Bruno Mars.  Now, from a fan’s perspective, I don’t think that any other singer could have quite done the justice to this particular song had someone else been chosen for the vocals.  I think “feature” doesn’t significantly give credit to how popular Mars had made this song.

I’m a relatively new Bruno Mars fan.  I think he has amazing showmanship and is an excellent singer.  He’s a true performer at heart and his music speaks volumes, all on its own.  My daughter watched this video and said, “the guy who sings this reminds me of Michael Jackson.

I educated the lil miss on who “the guy” was.  I told her I also see some of Michael Jackson in this particular performance.  I also see a bit of James Brown as well.  This song has a fantastic beat that makes your toes tap and shoulders sway to side.  I admit, I’ve changed my ringtone to Uptown Funk.  It’s not like anyone ever calls me; but should they do so, I hope to answer the call in time because I know I will be dancing to my ringtone.

Now are you going to get down with some “Uptown Funk”?

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