Open Letter to Customer Service Representatives

Published March 26, 2015 by lynn k scott

I can honestly say, I’ve had the displeasure of contacting another major cable company’s customer service because of billing errors.  This company really should consider removing anything with an “A” in their name as they are far from exemplary in any sense of the word.  In fact, they should actually the a model of what not to follow when providing customer service.

If you are in customer service, especially, phone support, if you’re offended by the following, either help your company fix these issues or find another line of work.  There is no grey in this instance.

  • Knowing your customer service is outsourced, when I ask, “Where am I calling?”, responding with the company name is NOT the right answer.  I will resist the urge to respond with, “DUH!” as there will be something lost in translation.The answer is your country.  I want to document my notes for when you screw up again.
  • When I tell you to stop speaking from a script:  then STOP reading from a script.  You don’t sound happy to assist me and I highly doubt you’ll be effective in correcting the last three representatives errors.
  • Please listen to what I am telling you.  If I am giving you line item information, you should be looking at the same thing so you know what I am referring to.
  • When I ask for a supervisor, you no can help me.  Stop insisting, because I”m going to insist louder that I speak with your manager.  Your lack of understanding this request will be the first thing I discuss with your supervisor.
  • When I inevitably ask for your supervisor, TELL THEM WHY I am requesting to speak with them.  Putting me on hold until they pick up and making me start over will only lead me to make a formal complain against you.  Believe me, I take detailed notes.
  • Supervisors and Managers:  You are no less to blame.  Train your staff.
  • If I get to you, your rep has obviously failed to resolve my issue.  I’ve already spent at least 30 minutes on the phone by this point, and what little patience I had, left me 25 minutes ago.
  • If you are so eager to put me on hold to “review my account”, rest assured, you can put me on hold to follow-up with customer service rep who can’t figure out how to confirm a charge was removed from my account, which led me to speaking to you.
  • When a customer asks for an escalation to a resolution specialist, you have an obligation to put in said request.
  • If the customer asked for the resolution specialist, the customer has to call in far too many times.  GET IT RIGHT!
  • If the customer states this is the second, third, fourth call to resolve the issue, double your effort to GET IT RIGHT!
  • Ask the “powers that be” what the damn number to customer service in the U.S. is.
  • MANY U.S. customers would like to speak to U.S. representatives, especially, when we live in the U.S., pay our bill with U.S. dollars to an address in the U.S.  We expect to hear AND understand English in its proper context.  We expect people to interact with us without having to read what to say.  We won’t apologize for wanting to resolve issues with someone who has the same type of service, in the same country, we do.
  • Don’t be surprised when these irate customers, as a last resort, begin to cuss you out in a language you do understand, when you fail to resolve yet another on-going issue.

To the greedy, profit-driven companies who believe American’s don’t deserve jobs and you prefer to outsource office work to cheaper labor in non-English speaking countries, KNOCK IT OFF!  I want and expect customer service in the U.S. and I won’t apologize for getting pissy about it either!

3 comments on “Open Letter to Customer Service Representatives

  • The answer here is to find another line of work if they can. I worked for AT&T, both direct and for one of the slave drivers-er-contractors here in the US. Your hands are completely tied. You are not allowed to immediately transfer to a supervisor. When I was a resolutions specialist, we had more power, but often times our crappy systems would not allow us to find the problems in the first place. (When I worked for AT&T Wireless, before it became Cingular, before that became AT&T), we literally had MONTHS of system downtime. With AT&T it would be hours on a weekly basis whenever IT launched an update without a Beta test. We would get penalized for not using scripted phrases (even when asked). That company is crap and if they cared about their customers (they do not, check their JD Power rankings), they wouldn’t allow this to happen. Grrrrr. Bad memories. 🙂 “I’m sorry for your frustration, Ms. Scott.”

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    • Oh I know it’s hopeless. Just venting for how it should be. I have chastised the resolution specialist about those blasted scripts. The calls take forever because I call them on those damn scripts every time they own their mouths and start reading from them. I don’t tolerate shadiness by adding stuff to my bill I didn’t ask for. I am beginning to think of my hour – long calls with them as income opportunities. Managed to get $130 in 2 months for the crap they pull. Using words like illegal, scam, etc helps a lot. They want the call over with. I am going to brush up on my Tagalog and then Heaven help them because I will give them hell in 2 languages.

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