If you’re vegan than you are neglectful

Published April 6, 2015 by lynn k scott

If you’re vegan than your neglectful?  Did I just say that?  Did I just infuriate an entire dietary population?  No, because I don’t believe that.  I am doing exactly what a headline did because a pediatrician in Florida seemed to have a communication breakdown with a new mom regarding her newborn baby.

The article and video in this link illustrates to me just how judgmental and abusive those in power, such as doctors, can be. When a 12-day old baby was brought in for a checkup, the doctor wanted the baby to have a formula supplement because of a latching issue caused by a tongue defect.  When the mother raised concerns she was a strict vegan and a needed non-animal supplement for the baby, the emergency room was the option the doctor insisted on.

It begs the question why the doctor didn’t give the mother a soy-based formula, which is vegan safe, and let the infant have a bottle in the office?  Did the doctor get uppity because the mother of the newborn dared to question something that went against her dietary belief?  Did the mother not have the right to choose to spend $30 (give or take) at the grocery store on soy-based formula instead of getting raped in the emergency room with their ridiculous fees to provide the same treatment the mother was planning to do at home?

Was it necessary to arrest the mother for doing exactly the same treatment at home?  Oh wait, she disobeyed a doctor’s suggestion.  While failure to thrive and dehydration are serious issues for an infant, it was suspected, according to the article. The doctor didn’t give the mother a chance to give the baby a soy-formula bottle to see if that would help the situation.  Had the mother been able to see another pediatrician, perhaps a less judgmental one, this entire situation could have been avoided.

The fact that the mother was keeping check-up appointments, seeking another opinion and doing what the doctor suggested, just not in the manner the doctor would have preferred, shows she was not neglectful.  I am in the minority, according the comments on the article, that side with the mother.

I personally hope this doctor is sued, loses his practice and learns he is not god.  He doesn’t get to enforce his suggestions as law.  This doctor obviously did not agree with the vegan mother.  The article tried to tie the two situations together, which really had nothing to do with each other.  Vegan breast milk is the same as any other breast milk.  A tongue defect preventing latching while breast feeding will still be an issue regardless of the mother’s diet.

While I personally could never follow a vegan lifestyle, I did follow a vegetarian one for almost a decade.  It’s not for the medical profession to decide how you should eat.  After all, if that were the case, McDonald’s and the like would be out of business by now.  They should advise all legitimate avenues and then allow sound-minded individuals to follow what they feel is best.  This doctor’s overstepping stripped a mother and child of 5 months of bonding time.  That is inexcusable simply because she just didn’t wouldn’t do exactly what he said, in the time frame he said it.


18 comments on “If you’re vegan than you are neglectful

  • I am not a vegan because of cheeseburgers. And tacos, but mostly cheeseburgers. However, I have a very good friend who has raised two wonderful children completely vegan. It can be done, but she works hard to make sure all nutritional needs are met, and it can be a lot of work. If you have the time and drive, it can be done!

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  • I am putting aside my thoughts on veganism and that whole debate as should anyone who reads that news article and this is why:
    1. The doctor was not acting against veganism no matter what her lawyer is trying to paint. Her lawyer is misrepresenting the issue in order to bring the woman’s lifestyle as a factor for what the doctor did.
    2. As a parent (this is just so I can add my point of view) if a doctor tells me that my child needs to go to the ER , that means there is an emergency that needs to be tended to NOW not an hour from now not later that day. It means immediate.
    3. The whole idea of I know best because I am the parent never seems to be brought up should the child suffer something horrible, I am pretty sure many would cry out for the doctors head if the child had suffered for the mother’s pride in her veganism by taking her child to the store to buy soy based formula instead of heading to the emergency room.
    4. The constant mistrust of Doctors in the USA has led rise to the Anti-vaccine movement, anti-life saving medicine on religious grounds which all come from parents trying to indoctrinate their children into a certain lifestyle no matter the health risks.

    So in conclusion this article had nothing to do with veganism, and completely do with the mother carrying more about her beliefs than her child’s well being. The doctor was in the right and the mother was in the wrong.
    And I end with a question: If a doctor tells you that your child should go to the emergency room do you go searching for a second opinion? Please keep in mind that it is the emergency room and not an MRI, X-ray, or and diagnostic thing, but the Emergency room.

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    • The doctor said within the hour, that’s not an emergency. The doctor suspected dehydration and said formula could supplement. The ER was after she raised an objection to animal protein. There wasn’t a call placed to the ER to let them know the situation, so she would have had to start at square one. As a parent, doctors are a resource, not the end all of information. There were other options available which the doctor had an obligation to address. Separating a newborn from his neglectful, imo. There is no getting those previous few months back. There are no health risks to being vegan, if one understands nutrition. It’s just another way of eating. I support parents right to delay or forgo vaccinations as well. Children are consistently brought up in their parents’ beliefs. She should not have been arrested until she was allowed to feed the baby the same treatment that the hospital did. She was doing what was right; just not according to a man practicing medicine.


      • The emergency is based on the doctors perspective. I am not the doctor and neither is the mother.
        Doctors are not a resource, if they were then it would not take them 7 + years to become a doctor.
        And there are health risks to being vegan, being married to a double qualified nutritionist (It means she has multiple degrees on nutrition and more than four years of accredited study) I have discussed this topic with my wife on many occasions.
        And for the vaccination comment I guess you would have another reason for the recent measles outbreak?
        I am sorry but this looks like a one sided argument where distrust of the medical profession is your main flaw for your argument. I am stepping out now. Thank you for expressing yourself.


      • Doctors are a resource. Just like you said, their perspective. They are not all knowing and don’t get the final say. The doctor had an obligation to discuss other available options and discuss the nutritional concerns. Calling CPS was the wrong course of action as the mother was doing what the hospital did. That’s the issue. All diets have issues. Eating meat has issues. I have had extensive conversations with several nutritionists.

        Measles outbreaks have found in those who were vaccinated. I admit to disliking the medical field. My children all have been vaccinated, get checkups but I have final day on their health, not some doctor, who in 7 years could have graduated with a “C”. To many people think they know everthing and they really don’t. They know bus and pieces; hence practicing medicine is a true statement.


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