Should’ve listened to Mom

Published June 6, 2018 by lynn k scott

There are some chores in the house I just do not want to do.  The solution?  Easy – make your tween do them.  I mean, it’s her house too and learning to take care of it is part of growing up.

Now, I will mention my husband is Filipino and my daughter is half Filipino.  Both of them live on rice.  Me…I’ll stick to my potatoes.  While I have no problem making rice, several times a week, I don’t like cleaning the rice cooker.  Hence, my daughter has been assigned a new chore.

When I told her to make sure she cleans it, I got the typical, “ok” which was followed by her forgetting.  I was going to make a point in this case.  Yup, I’m that type of mom.  So, I let the rice cooker sit there.  I knew there was a bit of rice left in it.

Last night, right before dinner, I pointed to the rice cooker and stated, “after dinner you will clean that”.  She reluctantly agreed (as if she had a choice).

What ensued was hysterical.

She opens the rice cooker and there was a bit of a smell.  Cue gagging noises and her holding the rice pot as far away from her as possible while she takes it over to the garbage.


I start laughing.  Well, it was funny.

Then, she has to glove up because as she said, “I’m not touching that with bare hands”.  I think if a hazmat suit had been available, she would have suited up.


It was then time to interject some motherly advice.  I said, “I bet you’ll remember to clean it after each meal now, huh?  There is a reason I ask you do things within in a certain time frame.  I knew what would happen if you let it go too long.   Your mom does know a thing or two.”

She completely agreed and I don’t think she’ll be forgetting to clean the rice cooker anytime soon.  Sometimes kids have to learn by doing in order to appreciate the wisdom of their parents.


11 comments on “Should’ve listened to Mom

  • Kudos to you! I don’t give in to my older at daughters chores either. When she comes to me and asks where her ‘X’ shirt is, I tell her to look in the pile of clean clothes that’s sitting in her room. AND surprise! It’s there! She gets to it right away because she sees it’s easier to find things when they’re out away 😊👏🏼


    • My daughter has specific chores to complete and then assigned ones, as needed. Emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the stairs, cleaning her room and the rice cooker are staples. She also has to clean up from dinner. She loves to bake and whatever mess she creates, she gets to clean.

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      • Yes, that’s great! My oldest is the one with the set chores, the little ones will help her if she asks them to. I also make it a point not to involve money. I feel I don’t have to pay a 10 year old to help around the house. Instilling in them a sense of responsibility at an early age without needing to reward them is crucial for me. Good grades however is different. They save that money through out the year, to later spend on summer vacation. They love it! 😊

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      • Before my tween got her phone, She was paid $3/week. She had 2 chores to complete per day. Each chore was worth 30 cents. If I had to remind her or if she didn’t do it, I would deduct the chore from her weekly allowance. Once she got a phone, the monthly cost was about the same, so she lost her allowance but gets to keep cleaning. She has to earn that item. She will also lose the phone for poor school work and attitude.

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      • 👏🏼 I agree! I have to remember this! Thank you! And the phone 🙄 my daughter is already asking for one however, I still haven’t given in. She has no need for it right now – she’s 10! You’re doing a phenomenal job – love the chore system you have going on! 😊

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      • Mine got hers when she was 10, but only because she hung out at my job and to avoid constant interruptions, it was easier for her to text so she kept a low profile until I finished for the day. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope the teen years are somewhat mild.

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      • Yes – there was a need for the phone. My daughter doesn’t have a need for it right now – other than watching other kids in school already having one. Maybe if she joins an after school club or sport, I’d probably get one. Not looking forward to the teenage years. Eek!

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