A bit of planning

I’ve said it before, I’m planning my own funeral.  Really, it’s not as morbid as some may think.  It allows my A-type personality to do what it does best; plan.

It’s more than that though.  It’s allowing those I care about to deal with a loss without having to make decisions they may not find themselves capable of making.  I have personally had to plan or assist in planning three funerals.  I don’t ever want to impose that on someone when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.

I am human.  I am going to die at some point.  I am not oblivious to that fact.  My eternal life will be in Heaven.  I know this and death doesn’t scare me.

I have actually chosen the following for my viewing/funeral:

  • I know who I want to officiate the service.  Location may be an issue; but it will work out.
  • I know what music I want played/sung.
  • I know the type of food that will be served.
  • I want to be cremated.  I don’t like being looked at now.  Definitely don’t want people staring at me when I won’t be able to say, “stop looking at me”.

Being the native New Yorker that I am, have to change it up a bit.  There’s a great NY pizza joint near my home.  My Celebration of Life, after the service, will include pizza, calzones, submarine sandwiches and Buffalo wings.

I will also make sure to have bagels and cream cheese and cheesecake served.  Of course, there will be coffee.  LOTS of coffee.  Anyone who knows me, knows I bleed brown with all the coffee I drink.

I want to follow my Irish heritage and celebrate the years I spent on this Earth.  I haven’t had an easy life, but there are all sorts of stories of a NY transplant educating Northern Californians on how NYers think, act and talk.  Ok, it’s been a bit shocking for some, but there are plenty of laughs to go with those growing pains of settling into a new life, 3,000 miles from whence I came.

At any rate, just thought I would share.  Perhaps others will give a thought or two and make a few plans for the inevitable future.


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