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LME Weddings

Published June 21, 2017 by lynn k scott

I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve started my own wedding planning business.  I attempted this several years ago, but now the timing is right.

LME Weddings & Events has taken shape and I’m in the process of building my business. At the moment, I’m still working my “day job”, but the goal is to have a profitable business within the next three years.

Yes, I’m tired of working for someone else.  It’s not even that as much as it is, while I’m good at what I do, I’m not happy doing it.  Work is currently and ends to a means.  Why not be in business and see happiness in yourself as well as your clients?  Right?

So, that’s what I did.

LME Weddings is still a work in progress; as far as the website goes.  I also have a Facebook presence.  Advertising is advertising and the more I get the word out, the sooner my business will grow.

With returning to homeschooling next year, I want to be home with my daughter.  While I may have to work for someone else during her junior high years, the plan is to be home while she completes high school.  I’m excited to finally see a dream, that’s been years in the making, taking shape and having life breathed into it.

If you’re in the Solano, Yolo or Sacramento areas, let me know how I can help you with you wedding/event planning details!


Happy Anniversary…

Published December 31, 2015 by lynn k scott

To ME!!!!


photo by

For some reason I thought I had started my blog in November of 2015.  My daughter would have a field day knowing I had yet another “memory lapse”.  Ok, so I get a few things confused here and there.  Personally, I blame the kids.  I had great memory ability until they threw my world into lovable chaos.

Ok, back to the content of this post.  Today is my one-year blogging anniversary.  I am very happy to see how many people I’ve reached and have “met”.  The opportunity to read some amazing writing has also stemmed from this blogging adventure.  No, I’m not talking about my own writing…sheesh, I’m  not that narcissistic.  (giggle) This is community has wonderful writers whom have inspired me to be a better writer, blogger and person.

To everyone who has followed me, clicked “liked”, shared or commented, and offered encouragement on my work,

thank you

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My goal for 2016 is to post more often and enjoy this blogging adventure. Who knows where it shall lead me, but I know it will be an adventure worth taking.

Adventures in Homeschooling: the 4th grade year

Published September 10, 2015 by lynn k scott

Yesterday, I stopped by to pick up my daughter from a friend’s house.  I had given her some words to look up in the dictionary. Her assignment was to find the word in the dictionary, write its page number she found it on and a quick definition.  That’s sounds fairly easy, right?  WRONG!  To a reluctant fourth grader, I just assigned her to climb Mt. Rushmore, free-hand!

Back to that in a moment.

I walk in the door and I see my daughter gathering her things.  It was then I noticed her hair.  My daughter’s hair goes down her back and is just about to touch her buttocks if it grows much more.  She often pulls it up.  Let me tell you…she got creative!


Every item she had in her pencil box was in her hair!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I’ve never seen anyone do this.  My friend hadn’t seen her do it and the expression on his face was priceless.  I told her, “don’t get in the car.  I NEED a picture of this”; knowing I just found my next blog post.

We begin home and that’s when I find out she didn’t do her dictionary terms.  Well, that became her first order of business upon arrival at the house.  I should have gotten out the climbing gear for that mole-hill that she made into a mountain.  “It’s too hard!  Who needs to learn how to use a dictionary anyway?”  SLAM!  That would be the dictionary.


“Ok, put it down, for now.  I’ll have you work on something else”.

“Mom, we need to talk.”  That’s really code for….I’m not happy and I’m about to tell you why.

“Ok, let’s talk.  What’s on your mind?”

“Mom.  You should just accept the fact I’m going to be a failure.  I’m ok with it.  I’ll live a life of crime.  I’ll go to prison, get released, steal something and go back to prison.  That will be my life.”

Ah, my over-dramatic daughter.  Have I expressed how fun nine year-olds can be?

I assured her that wouldn’t be the case.  She wasn’t cut out for prison.  I then offered to switch her to a language program to work on reading and comprehension.  Oh, that went over like a lead balloon.  But guess what, she did it anyway.

My princess settled in and started the computer work.  She didn’t do half bad.  I sat with her while she read aloud.  She stopped during her reading, looked at me and said, “I’m sorry for my behavior.  You know, girls and puberty, right?”

Heaven help me!  I bit my lip to stifle a laugh, as she was dead serious.  I agreed she was hormonal or something and the rest of the evening went off without a hitch.

My husband wanted a little girl.  I warned him that boys were A LOT easier.  He really didn’t know what he was asking for, as this is his first child.  There’s a reason they say to be careful what you wish for.  This child is going to give both of us a run for our money.  I only hope she gets a well-paying acting job because she’s got talent for drama!

To Co-Op or Not to Co-Op?

Published July 22, 2015 by lynn k scott

August will begin our third full year of homeschooling.  Hello fourth grade!  While I admit, I was very overwhelmed when we began our homeschooling journey, I am blessed that we were guided down this educational journey.

A friend of mine has decided to homeschool her daughter.  She let me know of a local homeschool co-op and suggested I join.  I was wary.  I had done my research into local groups.  To be honest, most aren’t helpful; if I can even locate them.  The reason being, I am also a working mom and we do new lessons in the evening and weekends with homework during the day.

I was assured this group was different.  There wasn’t a membership fee.  They got together weekly, late afternoons and early evening.  Hmmmm?  I might be able to utilize that time-frame.  Ok, here goes a new adventure.  I joined the group.  Granted, I’ve only “met” them on Facebook; so far.  This Friday, we will meet for our first group get-together.

I’ve been asking questions of the group.  We are registered as a private school.  Anyone else?  Yes, yes there are others like us! They have also checked out local charter schools, as I did and they knew which ones I was referring to.  Ok, that’s nicer than just my other online groups.  Having them based locally helps a bit more; there’s a connection.

I am not sure I would have made it this far without online, homeschooling support.  I am very interested in seeing how local, in-person support is going to help us.  I think it will be a good experience for my daughter to make friends with other kids who learn similar to her educational structure.  Perhaps she will gain a different perspective?  Maybe we can find other homeschoolers who are also learning ASL (American Sign Language) and have practice buddies?

Regardless of how this turns out, it’s another experience we are utilizing in this educational pursuit.  I, for one, am looking forward to the upcoming interactions.  I am impressed with the group, and it’s only been a week.  I look forward to thinking, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Question time:  If you homeschool, are you part of co-op?  Why or why not?

Time to Meet “The Boys”

Published March 5, 2015 by lynn k scott

That’s right folks, it’s time you met the reasons I dye my hair more often, that I swear a bit too much, that I don’t sleep and the why I can say all that in the spirit of love.

Meet my boys:  Reeses and Smokey.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who is who as the names should give it away.  So I’ll let you guess, if you really don’t know.

Reeses was a shelter dog I had rescued about 2.5 years ago from a high-kill shelter.  My husband never grew up having any pets and I had the gambit of strays, rescues and unplanned litters from the neighbors’ dogs.  My mom was an animal lover and I followed suit.


So, since my husband and I couldn’t agree on to get or not to get a dog, I resorted to dirty pool.  I took our, then six year old daughter, to the pound and told her to pick out a dog.  Then I took her home to tell her dad, knowing he wouldn’t tell her no. I admit, it was under-handed.  I also know she’s got daddy wrapped around her little finger and I wanted a dog.

Reeses did really well.  He was 4.5 years old, underweight, but a good boy.  He is half German Shepherd and half Golden Retriever.  He’s very K-9 protective, but enjoys meeting new people and getting lots of attention.  He’s such an attention hound.

Then about a year after I rescued Reeses, a friend called.  I had once stated I wanted a grey, female, pit bull puppy for my birthday.  That same year, is when my friend called.  Her daughter’s boyfriend, couldn’t keep his pup.  He needed a new home quick or he might end up in a not-so-nice place.  She called also because she knew I had done pittie rescue work and had done foster care for pit pups.  My last foster had left, so I only had Reeses at home.

I convinced the hubby we had to take him in.  I could foster him and rehome him if need be.  He just needed to be safe. Secretly I my inner child was jumping up and down screaming “It’s a puppy!  I NEED a puppy!”

Enter Smokey (aka Chaos and other words I can’t say here).  smokey pup  Little did I know how challenging this one would be!  Smokey had never seen another dog, since he left his litter mates.  He was about 5 months old when I agreed to take him.  That sweet, innocent face made me just sigh with his antics.  While he mostly resembles an American Staffordshire Pit Bull (ASPB), he is actually only half ASPB.  He is mixed with a bull dog and is really only half the size of his new brother.

Paper, in all forms, was meant to be destroyed.  Just ask Smokey, he knew this.  Nothing like going to the bathroom to find half the roll eaten.  He joined us right before Christmas.  Try housebreaking a puppy when you bring a live tree in the house and stick it in the corner.  Smokey had a slight identity crisis.  He thought he was part cat because he used the Christmas tree like a cat would use a litter box. Oy!

                   4 Smokey                  286143_3704597172814_35370829_o

Time went one.  Smokey was definitely an Alpha pup while Reeses was very laid back.  Smokey and I clashed here and there.  There’s only one Alpha (leader) in the “pack” and it wasn’t this small ball of fur.  Sunbathing is something both dogs enjoy.  Smokey will actually fall down from a standing position, as if he were petrified.  It’s the funniest thing to watch.

Reeses is my dog.  As in he watches out the window for me, is my shadow when I am at home and responds primarily to me.  Smokey on the other hand, has to listen to me but is creating a bond with my daughter.  He believes if there is a free lap, he should be in it.  He wants morning cuddle time, on a lap,  Using a laptop on the couch, fagheddaboudit (forget about it for those that don’t speak “NY”).  Again, there’s those cat-like tendencies showing through.  Smokey will try to walk on the laptop, literally.

Smokey sleeps under the covers, next to me.  Reeses will sleep on the floor or at the foot of the bed.  Now, I have a Cal-King bed (extra wide) and I get 1/8 of the bed to sleep on.  Smokey may be small, but he is a solid mass.  Try pushing 50+ pounds of muscled dog over; not easy.

Reeses has learned if he wakes up Smokey and can get Smokey to jump off the bed, I will have to get up.  This is usually where the swearing comes in.  I really dislike when Reeses wakes the Smokey.  Just like with a baby, you don’t wake the puppy!

So, there’s a brief glimpse into my life with “the boys”.  They make my hair grey quickly (bottom picture of Reeses playing in my garden), they drive me to distraction at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  After all, rescued is my favorite breed!

Reeses stealing my spot

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