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Planning my 50th

Published March 8, 2017 by lynn k scott

Something I have been doing lately, is setting goals for myself. I am vocalizing my dreams in order to turn them into reality. I am sharing them here, on Facebook and with friends. I am holding myself accountable to make my goals happen.

Today, another dream, has turned into a goal.  While I am only heading toward the ripe-old-age of 46, I am planning something extremely special for my 50th birthday.  You see, I have this incredibly talented, yet humble, friend; someone I’ve yet to personally meet.

I’ve written about Dan before:  “He is my rainbow…”.  I hadn’t thought about it, but I would actually have to consider him my writing muse.  It’s often said to tell people you care about them now, because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.  Seeing how my family was ripped away from me, how Dan was there, I couldn’t imagine not knowing him.  Other people have come and gone from my life.  Each has taught me something; whether it was good or bad.  Where Dan is concerned, it’s as if his paintbrush has touched my soul and brightened it like the water colors do for his paintings.

The link we originally shared was my sister, Kathi.  Our friendship has blossomed like one of his paintings.  It started out small, details were added, life was breathed into it and now, here we are, years later, special friends with such an emotional tie. I know my life wouldn’t be complete without his positive influence.

“Sprouting New Beginnings” by Dan Angeles

Now that I have a few years, I can work on figuring out how to surprise Dan.  There are some logistics to plan, after all I’m in CA and he’s in TX and I will need some inside help. I don’t foresee that as an issue though.  It will be my first trip to TX (outside of the airport, that is).  I want to visit the Craighead Green Gallery, where is exhibits are shown.

In fact, if you are in the Dallas area, Dan will be opening a new exhibit, “Removing the Veil”, on April 1, 2017, and you’ll be able to see his amazing work first hand.  If you happen to meet him, please tell him, “Kathi’s sister sent me”.

Here is a video previewing the upcoming show.  One day, I will attend one of Dan’s opening.  I have always wanted to attend an art opening, but refuse to do so, until I can see his work on opening night.

I wish my friend much success and know I will be offering a long overdue hug for all his success, support and friendship, when we finally meet.


The Face

Published April 21, 2015 by lynn k scott

My daughter loves to draw and paint.  She has a unique perspective and has received some very high praise from an accomplished, professional painter already.

That being said, last night I was the subject of one drawing.  The lil’ miss chose to draw my face.  It’s actually not bad, in a cartoonish, kinda way.  She definitely has promise.

The one thing that made me shake my head, sigh and say, “really?” was when I carelessly inquired about the little black dots on my face.

Apparently, those are my wrinkles.  *sigh*   I took the picture before she went back to edit her picture and add a few bags under my eyes.  Oh for the love of my 9-year old.  She surely keeps it interesting.


“Collecting Bright Ideas”

Published April 2, 2015 by lynn k scott

A package arrived at my job today. It was primarily for the lil miss. She had traded a painting of hers for a friend’s piece (not pictured).  You can learn more on how this exchange cam about in a previous post:  My Budding Artist.

Inside the package was a 4″ X 6″ slip of paper. A heart – felt note penned on the back.

I remember when I first saw this piece. I thought, “How Harry Potterish” as well as, “those would be the coolest lamps ever!!!”

bright ideas

“Collecting Bright Ideas” by Daniel Angeles

Needless to say it brought me to tears because it made me think of Kathi (my sister – see “About” page). I will put it in a frame tonight and then it will sit on my desk at work; right next to the pic of the lil miss.

When I can afford to custom order one of Daniel Angeles’ paintings, I will need to take a day off when it’s delivered. I have a feeling, the larger the painting, the larger the breakdown.

Funny how someone you only met online, could have such a profound influence on your life. Kathi left me a remarkable gift in Dan’s friendship.

Circle of Life

Published March 24, 2015 by lynn k scott


Yesterday, for our art class, my daughter tried soap carving for the first time.  It’s a relatively cheap, fun and engaging activity. First, I had her take a plastic, serrated knife and sand down the serrations, until it was smooth.  Now she had a knife that will work to help her carve.  I also gave her a wooden food skewer, in case she wanted to make fine lines in her carving.

The goal was not to be able to recognize what she created.  The goal was for her to feel the texture of the soap; see how it reacted to her tools.  I want her to experiment with her new medium and get comfortable using it.  After she’s gone through a few bars, then templates will be introduced.

When we do art, it’s what’s called “process art”.  It doesn’t require a recognizable, specified outcome.  Instead, it relies on the steps of learning and knowing your medium.  It’s creating where the inspiration takes you.  It’s using specific items to learn how they work together.

Most schools rely on “teacher art”.  It’s where there are pre-cut items, assembled in a specific order, to create a specified outcome.  It limits creativity and pits children against each other to see who did it “right”.  It’s been proven around 9-12 years of age, is when children become overly critical of their own work as they compare it to other students’ work.  This is the time when many will decide they “hate art” and that perception will stay with them.

I was humbled when I was told yesterday, “When I was growing up, I would have loved the support and encouragement you are giving by allowing her to develop her creativity on her own.”  The person who said that is a professional artist.  I hold his opinions in high regard and appreciate all the support he offers me.

This soap carving is called, “The Circle of Life”.  The circle is surrounded by a cloud sitting among other clouds (the shavings).  This is what my daughter relayed to me when she finished her carving.  This is what she came up with.  As any good artist does, she names all her work; no matter what medium she is using.

My Budding Artist

Published January 6, 2015 by lynn k scott
"Earth Smiling"

“Earth Smiling”


I call her my budding artist as I am watching a small seedling emerge through the soil into a beautiful, creative flower (in human form, of course).  My youngest is at the age, where many school children now start comparing their art work with other students’ work.  They are determining if it’s realistic enough, good enough and many come to the conclusion, they cannot do art.  My daughter doesn’t have this issue.

One of the approaches I learned, while taking an educational art course for children, was process art.  This is art where the child(ren) are given basic instructions and materials and are free to discover the art on their own.  Many schools prefer product art so there is supposed to be a recognizable product when all is said and done.

"Eye of the Future"

“Eye of the Future”


I prefer to watch my daughter discover art in a variety of mediums.  Whether she uses crayons, markers, clay, or paints, she is free to develop her art as she works with her tools.  I don’t ever want her judging herself against others. She is creating according to her vision, not someone else’s.  As much as the educational art class scared me, I am grateful for having taken it.  I know how to encourage my child and truly watch her.  Seeing her discoveries, as she makes them, is priceless.  I observed her for an hour with her art.  I could have been doing dishes, working on lesson plans, or having time to myself.  Yet, that hour showed me what I had been missing; the discovery process.

The artwork you are seeing are tonight’s creations.  After each one was completed, my daughter immediately named them.  Actually, each name was very fitting to the painting she assigned it to.  I sent the work to my friend, who’s a professional artist, and we agreed one of them stood out above the rest.  I cannot wait to see the next set of creations she comes up.  This year I have started a photo journal of her work.  At the end of the school year, I will burn CDs in order to record all her work.  I want to keep these memories.

"Square of Destiny"

“Square of Destiny”


My Rainbow; My Friend

Published January 2, 2015 by lynn k scott

Have you ever met a person, online or in person, who becomes such an important person in your life, seemingly overnight?  I can honestly say I have someone like that in my life.  His name is Dan and he has/had come to mean so much to my family.  Now that it’s just me, as you will read, he holds a connection that only we share.  I call him my rainbow.  He brings joy to my life with a few strokes of his paintbrush and some watercolors.


About three years ago, I met the person that I now consider my rainbow. No, it’s not my husband or even the father of my child. His name is Dan; a remarkable friend that I have never officially met.

My sister Kathi had met Dan, an amazing artist, through Facebook. He is brilliant in his work and the use of color he chooses for his paintings speaks to you on some level.  When you look at his work, it brings forth memories, makes you feel connected to the work and some images you could swear were created with you in mind. Perhaps I am just biased but his work brought me back to appreciating art.

 Visit his website:

Kathi and I recently had made up after not speaking for 10 years. We were only about 6 months into our reunion when life threw us a curve ball we never saw coming. My 37-year old, mother of 3, younger sister, was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer. She was given less than a year to live and we kept that last bit of information within the family.

Dan, being the amazing friend he is, drew a special drawing, just for Kathi. She was honored and loved it!! It was a brown, stuffed teddy bear, with a band-aid covering his heart. Dan named it the “It Will All Get Better Bear”.  Sadly, I knew it wouldn’t get better. I knew the reality we had not yet shared with him.

all better bear

In June of 2012, Kathi lost her battle with breast cancer, just two months before she turned 38. Dan was very supportive and we chatted on and off after she passed. Without hesitation, I knew Dan’s drawing would be the symbol for Kathi. With his permission, I would use that drawing as a memorial tattoo to my sister. She truly loved that drawing.

Ironically, life had another curve-ball in store. One year and 13 days after Kathi’s death, my mother died suddenly. Luckily, I don’t drink, because I was ready to crawl into a bottle of booze; never to emerge sober.  Dan was there again. His work spoke to me.

He let me preview an upcoming show. That’s an honor most people cannot fathom. I saw both my mother and sister’s influences in almost every piece; which is what I told him.  It was amazing to see.  He had my crying with every new piece he shared. Yes, it was that moving.

When I say Dan is my rainbow; he really is. His use of bright colors and inspirational, emotion-evoking images has brightened my gray skies. He has brought the sun back into my life just by being there and being  himself. For someone my sister never met, and whom I have yet to meet, I am grateful for the opportunity to have an amazing person like Dan in my life. I am honored. I get to call him friend.

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