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Planning my 50th

Published March 8, 2017 by lynn k scott

Something I have been doing lately, is setting goals for myself. I am vocalizing my dreams in order to turn them into reality. I am sharing them here, on Facebook and with friends. I am holding myself accountable to make my goals happen.

Today, another dream, has turned into a goal.  While I am only heading toward the ripe-old-age of 46, I am planning something extremely special for my 50th birthday.  You see, I have this incredibly talented, yet humble, friend; someone I’ve yet to personally meet.

I’ve written about Dan before:  “He is my rainbow…”.  I hadn’t thought about it, but I would actually have to consider him my writing muse.  It’s often said to tell people you care about them now, because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.  Seeing how my family was ripped away from me, how Dan was there, I couldn’t imagine not knowing him.  Other people have come and gone from my life.  Each has taught me something; whether it was good or bad.  Where Dan is concerned, it’s as if his paintbrush has touched my soul and brightened it like the water colors do for his paintings.

The link we originally shared was my sister, Kathi.  Our friendship has blossomed like one of his paintings.  It started out small, details were added, life was breathed into it and now, here we are, years later, special friends with such an emotional tie. I know my life wouldn’t be complete without his positive influence.

“Sprouting New Beginnings” by Dan Angeles

Now that I have a few years, I can work on figuring out how to surprise Dan.  There are some logistics to plan, after all I’m in CA and he’s in TX and I will need some inside help. I don’t foresee that as an issue though.  It will be my first trip to TX (outside of the airport, that is).  I want to visit the Craighead Green Gallery, where is exhibits are shown.

In fact, if you are in the Dallas area, Dan will be opening a new exhibit, “Removing the Veil”, on April 1, 2017, and you’ll be able to see his amazing work first hand.  If you happen to meet him, please tell him, “Kathi’s sister sent me”.

Here is a video previewing the upcoming show.  One day, I will attend one of Dan’s opening.  I have always wanted to attend an art opening, but refuse to do so, until I can see his work on opening night.

I wish my friend much success and know I will be offering a long overdue hug for all his success, support and friendship, when we finally meet.


A simple text

Published January 8, 2016 by lynn k scott

My daughter has chapel every Friday morning at her school.  They sing songs, say a few prayers, etc.

I noticed a text from her teacher.  I immediately thought something was wrong.  When I opened the text I was pleasantly surprised.

There were two pictures of my daughter, with a few other students.  Everyone’s head was bowed.  The caption read,

Singing and praying over (the lil miss) for her birthday.

Just reading that misted my eyes.  How thoughtful of her school to recognize her birthday that occurred while they were on Christmas break.

We are absolutely blessed to have found such an amazing school!  Every day I am thankful we have found a safe, enriching, encouraging place for my daughter’s education to bloom like a flower in Spring.


Happy Birthday, Sis

Published August 30, 2015 by lynn k scott

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I reminded myself to wish my sister a Happy Birthday in the morning.  When I awoke, I had a “Hangout” (Google’s version of “chat”) message from a friend, who I originally met through my sister.

He was sweet enough to let me know he was thinking of my family today, as it’s my sister’s birthday.  I cried.  I wasn’t prepared to see that anyone else had remembered or that they would reach out to me before I mentioned it.  My sister, as much of a pain in the ass that she could be (as only her sister would know), truly touched the lives of many people.  It’s a great way to be remembered.

Her death was one of the reasons I stopped using my other Facebook page, which had a lot of military affiliations on it.  In fact, I didn’t use Facebook for several months.  It was no longer important.  Kathi was such a supporter of our vets and gave me such support while I supported active duty, it just didn’t seem right to continue on.  I couldn’t face her friends, whom I’d had become friends with.  It wasn’t the same without her; it still isn’t.

Par for the course, it just hit me how I coped today.  I couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything but sleep for the majority of this morning and afternoon. I did some chores and saw my family off for the evening. Everyone is gone from the house now, and it’s just me.  There’s not a whole lot on television tonight, so I was browsing Netflix.  I came across “Merlin”.  Sure, why not?  I’m not super into fantasy, but I’ve always liked that which surrounded Merlin and Camelot.

Cleaning up the kitchen, I smiled.  Kathi LOVED fantasy.  She was big into fairies, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.  I’m no longer watching tv, but I am leaving the show on.  That’s our bond for tonight:  the Fantasy realm.

Happy Birthday, Sis!


Photo by Pixaby

The Making of a Frozen Birthday

Published January 17, 2015 by lynn k scott

My daughter chose to have an ice skating birthday party with a Frozen theme.  Now, any parent can tell you, if you choose a theme that Disney had a hand in creating, the words “budget-friendly” rarely go with that theme.

What’s a mom to do?  Pinterest, of course!  I searched various boards, gathered ideas and made a plan.  I would be creative this party.  We would make glitter crayons (see link), Olaf cups to use instead of goodie bags and repurpose a tray to hold the mini Olaf army.

For the glitter crayons:

For the Olaf cups, you can search Pinterest for the exact details.  Here is the process in a nutshell.


  • Foam cups (I used 16 oz cups)
  • A piece or orange foam (cut small triangle noses)
  • Googley eyes (optional as you could use just paint)
  • Elmers glue (to attach nose and eyes)’
  • Black paint
  • Pink paint
  • Paint brush (opposite brush – to use for dotting the mouth)

2015-01-16 18.27.55Cut out all the triangle noses.  Glue them on the cups at a slightly upward angle.  Then dab a bit of glue on the cup and attach the eyes.  Lay cups on their side (might need to prop here and there to prevent rolling).  Let glue for the eyes dry completely (otherwise they droop).

2015-01-16 18.27.38

2015-01-16 18.23.07

Once the glue is dried, using a circular foam paint brush, add pink cheeks.  Then dipping the non-brush end black paint, add the mouth.

Let paint dry.  Olaf favor cups are now complete and soon will be ready to fill.


Onto the tray.  I used some teal glitter spray paint for the outside of the tray.  Then I used some pearl gray spray paint on the inside.  The gray wasn’t covering the red as I had hoped.  I used a combination of the teal and the gray on the inside and loved the results.

20150116_192328I could have been a patient person and let each layer dry before adding the next.  There was some pooling of paint on the inside.  I knew I would be using fabric backing on the inside of the tray to represent snow, so the minimal paint pooling wasn’t really an issue.  Once the paint dried, I added the backing.  Then I placed Frozen stickers on the outside of the tray to tie it into the theme.  The final step was to add the filled Olaf favor cups to the tray.

This turned out better than I had hoped for.  Not only was it inexpensive as I bought the paint with coupons at Michael’s, the stickers at the dollar store and the tray was from work that was going to be thrown away, it fit our theme perfectly and it didn’t include the Disney price tag.



My daughter loves how everything has turned out.  We’re even making making teal/blue frosted cupcakes with blue sprinkles.  Simple little homemade items have completed this wonderful birthday theme and kept us on budget!



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