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Homemade “Bounty” Balls

Published December 3, 2015 by lynn k scott

Source: Homemade “Bounty” Balls

I stumbled upon this simple yet super, yummy-looking treat and wanted to share.  Head over to and see what other treats you may find.


Fresh Coconut…PASS!

Published April 8, 2015 by lynn k scott

This happened in November 2014.  Gotta love experiments, right?

We held school in the grocery store tonight. Sounds odd, right? Well, I’m still learning to teach my daughter not everything comes from books. So since I needed to pick up some lunches for her, I dragged her along.

We went over items in the produce department. What things were, related to, similarities of root veggies, peppers, eggplant, etc. Then she spotted it; the coconut.

Silly me had a “brilliant” idea. I asked her, “would you like to buy one and we’ll crack it open?” She was excited. She ran and picked up the $1.99 coconut. We continued about our shopping. Looking at price tags, calculating costs, etc.

Fast forward to arriving home. I put away the groceries and we begin. I read the directions of this mislabeled “quick cut coconut”. The coconut comes scored and the directions say to poke a hole in the coconut along this scored line using a dull knife.

I had my daughter shake the coconut. She heard the water inside. She then thought the water and the flesh would be white. Well after hammering on the coconut with a dull knife, my hand started cramping like I was torturing it into a death-grip around this knife.

I now see what one of these brown, hairy spheres of hardness can kill a person if they fall from a tree. Good grief, who the Hades opens these things on a regular basis? Better question is HOW???? I mean, I was hammering so hard, I could have built a fine piece of furniture. Ok, so that’s how it sounded, but really how long does it take to open? If someone considers the amount of time it took to pierce such a tiny hole to shake out the 8 oz of water inside, I’d hate to see there definition of long. I did consider throwing it on the floor to see if it would split open. Then figured with my luck, I’d crack the floor. Scratch that idea.

The directions said to continue around the score on the coconut to open and scoop out the flesh. Screw that! I put it in the fridge for the hubby to take a crack at in the morning. As far as I’m concerned, my daughter saw the water was clear, a bit of the flesh proved it was white and I call the experiment officially over!

Sheesh, I won’t do in the name of education. I will give the stores whatever they want to charge me regarding coconuts. It was fun while it lasted and I’m not sure when that fun started, but fresh coconuts are not forte.

Alternative Coffee

Published March 28, 2015 by lynn k scott

Perhaps I might have led you astray with the title, “Alternative Coffee”, perhaps not.  Some people are very routine in their coffee regimen.  I used to be.  I have been experimenting with different ways to consume the caffeinated life blood I rely on several times a day.

In my efforts to minimize my refined sugar intake, I have switched to exclusively using honey in my coffee.  Where I used to be up to two heaping teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, I’ve minimized that intake over the last month.  When I was able to only use half a teaspoon of sugar, I decided to try honey.

Honey has a higher caloric count than table sugar, but has some benefits over sugar.  It has a lower glycemic index (not by much, but still lower) than sugar.  It has trace minerals and pollen in it and well as being antimicrobial.  I only buy raw, uncooked honey and never purchase from the grocery store.

I use less honey than sugar because it’s a bit sweeter.  I like that it’s not chemically combined, the fructose and glucose, like table sugar is.  Some people might find that reasoning strange, but less sugar, in honey or other form is better, in my opinion.  I haven’t made it the stage where I don’t need any sweetener at all.

Next, I’ve primarily given up dairy in my coffee.  My family has a history of milk intolerance.  I experience these symptoms from time to time so when I can use an alternative to cow’s milk, I do.  My latest passion for lightening my coffee is using coconut milk.  I love the flavor it adds to the coffee.  I am not a fan of flavored creamers or half and half.  I’m so picky, right?

I’ve been using the honey and coconut milk combination for about two weeks now.  It’s proving to be one of the best combinations I’ve come up with.  The die-hard “Dunkies” who love their coffee regular (East Coast terminology) would probably have a heart attack with my tree-hugging, California-influenced, coffee drinking concoction, but it’s ok.  They just haven’t been enlightened to the yummy taste I now enjoy daily.

Thai Food – My Favorite

Published March 8, 2015 by lynn k scott
2015-03-07 17.46.36

Shrimp pad thai

I never experienced Thai food until  after arriving in California.  Where I live, we have a very diverse cultural influence. There’s good and bad to that aspect, however, where food is concerned, it doesn’t get much better.  The very first time I had ever had Thai food, I had just finished a catering gig in San Francisco.  Some of my coworkers dragged me along, knowing I was still new to the area, for Thai food.  I had no idea what to expect.

We ended up in the Castro district of San Francisco.  The Thai restaurant was on the second level of what looked like a house.  I’ll never forget the entrance.  Me being the somewhat naive country girl, did a slight double take at the bar immediately bordering the restaurant:  Daddy’s Bar.  Conjur up whatever images you like, but I knew then why the Castro had its notoriety.  The restaurant’s decor, made me feel like I had stepped into another time.  I was immediately drawn in. Where my hesitations previously had been, now had been replaced with a sense of adventure in trying something new.  I only remember eating pad thai and a curry potato dish.  That began my love of Thai food.

Since then, I have eaten at various Thai restaurants around the Bay Area.  My favorite spot is about 10 minutes from my home.  The dish I fell in love with all those years ago is called Pad Thai.  I think every culture has their standard noodle dish, and this, in my opinion is the one for Thai.

It’s made using a long, flat rice noodle.  I have no idea what truly goes into the sauce.  I suppose I could look it up, but as it’s made differently depending on who’s recipe you used, I’m content in just eating it at the restaurant.  The sauce is a sweet and tangy with a reddish color.  Depending who makes it, the sauce can go from orange to red.  Some of the other ingredients are fried tofu,scrambled egg, alpha sprouts, peanuts, sliver of carrots, green onions and a lime wedge.  There is the option of adding meat. I typically order it with shrimp, although for the years I spent as a vegetarian, I had it without meat.

2015-03-07 17.47.02

Fresh shrimp rolls

Another favorite of mine is the fresh shrimp rolls.  My daughter doesn’t like this one because of the rice paper it’s wrapped in.  I admit, it can take a bit of getting used to and they are not good the next day because of the rice paper.  However, these wonderful rolls, cut in half make 6 tantalizing bites for your mouth to experience.

The roll’s filling consist of shrimp (or you can omit) and fresh vegetables.  I’m not 100% sure which vegetables are in it, because it’s hard to identify all rolled up.  It doesn’t really matter to me as I like vegetarian options.  Part of me will always enjoy my time as a vegetarian (even if some seafood is sprinkled in).  The rolls are served with either a sweet and sour sauce (thin sauce with a bit of kick to it – not like Chinese sweet and sour sauce) or a spicy peanut sauce.  I prefer the peanut sauce.  I never have to worry about my sinuses after eating that.  Woo!

A couple other dishes that I don’t get to eat as often as I’d like, as I share my order with my daughter, is something called yellow curry.  I was a bit hesitant to try this dish, all those years ago in San Francisco.  The word curry brought images of burning tongues and sweating foreheads to mind.  As I was reassured, it was a mild curry, I was delighted with the flavor of this dish.  I’ve ordered it on and off through the years.  It’s made with coconut milk, potatoes and onions and of course, yellow curry.  It’s not a pretty dish, but it is really good.

Coconut milk; another new thing for me.  I had never consumed food made with coconut milk, prior to eating Thai food.  I have developed an appreciation for how this simple milk, made from an near-impossible to penetrate shell, could be utilized in so many ways.  I now keep it stocked in my pantry as a staple ingredient because of its versatility.

The last dish I will share is a rice dish.  Being married to a Filipino, this country girl who grew up with a meat and potatoes staple diet, has learned more than I ever considered possible about rice.  Thai rice is a bit different.  They offer several varieties of rice dishes.  My favorite is pineapple fried rice.  It has pineapple, scrambled egg, chicken, prawns, cashew nuts, raisins, yellow curry and onions.  I will typically omit the chicken and sometimes the shrimp.  It’s a different fried rice than many are used to eating, but it has a wonderful flavor that is great with any dish.

So there you have it.  Some of my favorite Thai dishes.  Next time, I’ll plan the picture taking better.  I snapped a couple quick shots before it was gobbled up.  It’s hard to resist the incredible and delicious scents when the platters are set down in front of you.

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