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And the Oscar goes to….

Published March 27, 2017 by lynn k scott

If you’re a parent of a preteen or a teenager, esp. if she’s a girl, then you are probably used to theatrics on some level.  I swear to you, my 11-year old has a movie career just waiting for her to embrace.

It turns out, a friend and mom, of a preteen boy, found this app, called, “Teen Safe”.  I actually chose to go with MMGuardian Parental Control.  In essence, it turns the cell phone into a paper weight; for whatever hours you choose.  I admit it, I should be better about app searching, because I LOVE this idea.

When my daughter and husband returned home last night, I told them about this wonderful app.  Ok, I thought it was wonderful.  The look of horror on my daughter’s face summed up how great this app truly is going to be.  I suppose I took a bit too much pleasure in her thought of not being able to access her phone for a set number of hours.  To be fair, she should be sleeping when the hours are in effect anyway.

After the look of shock, she sank to her knees, called me a demon and began to contemplate the impending “lock down” of her precious phone.  Now if you recall, she currently attends a small, private, Christian school. Suddenly, she jumps up, runs out the door, but not before uttering, “May the power of Christ repel you!”

I almost busted out laughing.  I’m a demon in need of an exorcism apparently.  All for making sure she gets a good night’s sleep without cellular distraction.  After the amusement wore off, I thought to myself, “well, at least I’m getting my money’s worth (for her school)”.

All in all, I was quite proud of myself.

Yet, the Oscar goes to…



Published January 11, 2016 by lynn k scott

Originally posted on I Am My Own Island 

If you can’t relate to this meme (at some point in your life), I’m not sure you’re human. It’s so spot on it’s scary. I definitely can relate to this. Definitely worth a reblog!

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I Am My Own Island


This meme is hauntingly accurate. The thing is the demons are little things that haunt me. I don’t know how to shut them out way too often. I obsess over the smallest things and they eat me alive. But in therapy I realize I’m so use to them that when they aren’t haunting me I feel empty. I dwell on those demons because they are oddly comforting. Who would I be without them?

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The Demon in my Livingroom

Published March 11, 2015 by lynn k scott

I admit it, I’m not a morning person.  I get up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off.  Wow, the dogs actually let me sleep in today. Normally, I am up a good 30-60 minutes before the alarm.  We begin our day, shuffle downstairs, shut off the house alarm, let the dogs out for potty and bring them in to eat.

After that it’s make coffee, sit on the couch, wait for the pup to climb on lap for cuddle time, while I sip coffee and check my phone for countless updates on various sites.  The coffee is supposed to seep through my body, reaching my brain and tell it to turn on and begin the day.

This morning a demon had other plans.

I had just finished feeding the dogs when my coffee was stopped brewing.   Cup in hand, my slippers could be heard scuffing on the tile towards the livingroom, where the lights aren’t on; just a glimmer from the outside light through the front door.  The dogs are already in there waiting for me.   Yet, they aren’t near the couch as usual.  They are standing by this figure, across from the couch.  The figure has horns, is standing completely silent and my brain is NOT functioning.  My heart skips a beat.  There’s someone in my house!  I just had the fright of my life.

Eternity passes while I am frozen in time.  Ok, it was mere seconds, but remember I wasn’t awake.  The horned demon was my rotten, 9-year old daughter, who quietly descended the stairs, under the cover of darkness and plotted her “scare”.  She was wearing her Hello Kitty hat, complete with ears (aka horns).  She started giggling hysterically while I was temporarily paralyzed with fear.

My brain FINALLY catches up with the scene taking place in front of me.  My heart stops trying to escape through my chest as its beat returns to normal and I can finally take a deep breath in sheer relief.  She wanted to jump out from behind the ottoman, but the dogs foiled that plot.

I chose not to kill her and gave her the option of being the pup’s cuddle buddy for 30 minutes or going back to bed while I recovered from her demonic presence.  She chose bed.  Happier than a pig in mud on a hot summer’s day.

She’s rarely gets the opportunity as I have excellent hearing and quickly catch on to her antics.  She succeeded in scaring me, and good.

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