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Irish Wolfhounds

Published August 6, 2018 by lynn k scott

Did you ever have a friend (or maybe it’s you) that whenever they go to a party, if there is a dog around, that’s where you will find them?  Well, that’s me!  I enjoy hanging out with friends, but truth be told I go to hang out their canine companions.  This weekend, I had the honor of visiting with two Irish Wolfhounds.  There was also a French Bulldog.  He was an adorable little fellow, but I love big dogs.

Currently, a Great Dane holds the record for the largest dog, however, these Greyhound-like dogs, in general are among the largest dogs around.  They aren’t really guard dog material.  Their over-friendly demeanor negates this.  However, sheer size would probably make any would-be thief, rethink breaking into their home.  They are hounds and were originally big-game hunters; including, the wolf.

I had the privilege of meeting a Wolfhound pup about 15 years ago.  He was only 6 months old and already stood as tall my hips.  Granted, I’m only 5’2, but most dogs normally are thigh-high to me.

I look for simple pleasures wherever possible and this was one of the best.  I sat on the step in the backyard.  Both the male and female, at different times, thought it would be fun to sniff and push my hair around with their muzzles.  I was cracking up.


Wolfhounds are really gentle giants; unless provoked.  The biggest issue we had at the party was the male dog felt he was entitled to a bit of human food.  When you have dogs, the size of small horses, keeping food out their reach can be a bit challenging.

The male chose to take some food off the covered pool table.  The food was placed in the center.  All it took was for this majestic creature to slowly raise up on his hind legs, put his front paws on the table and reach the food to be consumed.  He wasn’t stretching or anything.  As naughty as it was, I was tickled pink.  He was just too cute.  As if a table would stop his escapades.

Overall, a few hours with this pair and their sidekick, the Frenchie, was so enjoyable.  It was something I needed and was the primary reason I wanted to go the party.  I love dogs and I’m more than willing to give them undivided attention.  Ok, so it’s a dog quirk I have; but I’ll live with it.


kaluha 2

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet one of the awesome dogs in person, I highly recommend doing so.  It’s definitely a bucket list-worthy experience.


Did you know….

Published April 17, 2015 by lynn k scott

Did you know that one, you should never forget your phone at home when you go out, even for an hour?

Did you know, while you are out, your uncrated dog can trip your home security alarm?

Did you know, it wasn’t his movements that tripped the alarm?

Did you know, when you have a breed, who is half German Shepherd (GSD), they tend to be a bit protective, esp. in the house?

Did you know, if your protective GSD mix perceives a threat or sees an animal in your backyard, and he rushes the window, it trips the alarm stating “glass breakage”?

Did you know we got home in time to cancel the police response that a certain canine prompted?

Did you know a certain GSD mix will return to being crated when we aren’t home?

Did you know looks are deceiving?

Here is the culprit, trying to eat his canine brother’s new dog dish.  Apparently, it’s meant to be a toy, but no one told this human about that, who promptly removed it from said culprit’s mouth.  Ahh life with canine kids….never a dull moment.



Am I Fat; dog thinks so

Published April 8, 2015 by lynn k scott

It’s the only logical explanation I can come up with. We’ve finally gotten to the point in our puppy training, where Smokey (the grey pup in the pic) will go to the door and wait to go out. Sometimes he’ll utter a sound or two so I know he’s there.

Once he’s out, if he barks after doing his business, eating rocks, digging to China, etc., I immediately go get him as to not to disturb the neighbors. Both my dogs are inside dogs and are tethered when they go out. The chaos that ensues when they aren’t just isn’t worth it.

I have put Smokey out, sat down to work, heard his bark, gotten up, gone outside, bent down to unchain him, walked him in, and sat back down. I have repeated this process over a dozen times in the last couple hours.

The only explanation for this is, my dog thinks I’m fat. LOL

Side note: The brown and black dog, Reeses, is a fence jumper. He thinks I’m fat too because boy when he thinks I need a workout, he’ll break his leash and lead me around the neighborhood until I run out of breath.

You Gotta Fight, For Your Right…

Published April 8, 2015 by lynn k scott

Did you really expect me to end that with party? Silly you. As I was waking up, this topic was taking formation.

I have two dogs, a hubby and a Cal-King (wider than a standard king) bed. You would think there would be room to spare. Quite the opposite; courtesy of my canine friends.

The dogs are not huge. One is medium size and the other a tad smaller. Smokey, the smaller of the two, is the human body contact dog. He must physically touch you to sleep. This means, I have a cuddle buddy every night.

We all fall asleep in our given positions, yet somehow, in the middle of the night, my bed shrinks. I tend to wake up nearly falling of the bed, or pushed onto a space that would be equivalent of half a twin-sized bed. Rarely is the bigger dog the culprit. Tis the young pup who sprawls out in all his canine glory.

Whether it be laying on the covers, stretched out in a diagonal position, pushing me off with his little muscular body or is just the right angle to put me in a fetal position, he is a true bed hog.

Most days I awake to find myself in a unique sleeping position. Yet my pup is oblivious to the predicament he creates.

That being said, I love my dogs. They are my pack and I am their Alpha. To some that sounds funny, but to them, it is their reality. I am in charge, they know it and respond accordingly. I wouldn’t change our sleeping arrangement at all. Even if it means a nightly “battle” for the optimum sleeping position.

That’s a fact; Jack!

Published March 12, 2015 by lynn k scott

I drove to work, thankful my car knows the way out of habit.  I was really tired this morning.  The neighbor’s cat likes to walk around in my backyard in the evenings.  Our bedroom window was open.  My Shepherd mix was at attention, barking his warning to get off his property.  Great!  I love being woken up more in one night than when I had a newborn.

We finally shut the window, threatened to crate the noise maker if he didn’t shut up and fell back to sleep at 3:00 a.m.  By 4:00, it was potty time…NOOOOOOOOO!  Stumbled to the door, let them out, fed them and fell back to sleep on the couch.  I sleep wherever I can close my eyes these day.

I paint my face with a bit of foundation makeup, add a little bit of liner and mascara.  Perfect!  Now I don’t look like I’ve been binge drinking all night while I stumble into work.

I walk through the dispatch door.  I’m two doors away from my office.  Who is in the hallway looking directly at me? Jack!  A six-month old yellow Labrador.  He is waiting for me.  I squeal, “JACK”!  He takes off running toward me with all his puppy exuberance.  I bend down, open my arms and the jumps into them, and begins giving his puppy kisses good morning.

We make it into my office.  He receives another hug, a belly rub and we head to the kitchen for get some water.  From there, he continued his rounds in welcoming the staff to the office.

Jack is a better-eye opener than coffee ever will be.  It’s a great way to start the day at the office.  I really enjoy working in a dog-friendly facility.  Throughout the days, I get to play with a rottie, a lab and sometimes a golden retriever.  Simple pleasures, I tell ya!

Time to Meet “The Boys”

Published March 5, 2015 by lynn k scott

That’s right folks, it’s time you met the reasons I dye my hair more often, that I swear a bit too much, that I don’t sleep and the why I can say all that in the spirit of love.

Meet my boys:  Reeses and Smokey.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who is who as the names should give it away.  So I’ll let you guess, if you really don’t know.

Reeses was a shelter dog I had rescued about 2.5 years ago from a high-kill shelter.  My husband never grew up having any pets and I had the gambit of strays, rescues and unplanned litters from the neighbors’ dogs.  My mom was an animal lover and I followed suit.


So, since my husband and I couldn’t agree on to get or not to get a dog, I resorted to dirty pool.  I took our, then six year old daughter, to the pound and told her to pick out a dog.  Then I took her home to tell her dad, knowing he wouldn’t tell her no. I admit, it was under-handed.  I also know she’s got daddy wrapped around her little finger and I wanted a dog.

Reeses did really well.  He was 4.5 years old, underweight, but a good boy.  He is half German Shepherd and half Golden Retriever.  He’s very K-9 protective, but enjoys meeting new people and getting lots of attention.  He’s such an attention hound.

Then about a year after I rescued Reeses, a friend called.  I had once stated I wanted a grey, female, pit bull puppy for my birthday.  That same year, is when my friend called.  Her daughter’s boyfriend, couldn’t keep his pup.  He needed a new home quick or he might end up in a not-so-nice place.  She called also because she knew I had done pittie rescue work and had done foster care for pit pups.  My last foster had left, so I only had Reeses at home.

I convinced the hubby we had to take him in.  I could foster him and rehome him if need be.  He just needed to be safe. Secretly I my inner child was jumping up and down screaming “It’s a puppy!  I NEED a puppy!”

Enter Smokey (aka Chaos and other words I can’t say here).  smokey pup  Little did I know how challenging this one would be!  Smokey had never seen another dog, since he left his litter mates.  He was about 5 months old when I agreed to take him.  That sweet, innocent face made me just sigh with his antics.  While he mostly resembles an American Staffordshire Pit Bull (ASPB), he is actually only half ASPB.  He is mixed with a bull dog and is really only half the size of his new brother.

Paper, in all forms, was meant to be destroyed.  Just ask Smokey, he knew this.  Nothing like going to the bathroom to find half the roll eaten.  He joined us right before Christmas.  Try housebreaking a puppy when you bring a live tree in the house and stick it in the corner.  Smokey had a slight identity crisis.  He thought he was part cat because he used the Christmas tree like a cat would use a litter box. Oy!

                   4 Smokey                  286143_3704597172814_35370829_o

Time went one.  Smokey was definitely an Alpha pup while Reeses was very laid back.  Smokey and I clashed here and there.  There’s only one Alpha (leader) in the “pack” and it wasn’t this small ball of fur.  Sunbathing is something both dogs enjoy.  Smokey will actually fall down from a standing position, as if he were petrified.  It’s the funniest thing to watch.

Reeses is my dog.  As in he watches out the window for me, is my shadow when I am at home and responds primarily to me.  Smokey on the other hand, has to listen to me but is creating a bond with my daughter.  He believes if there is a free lap, he should be in it.  He wants morning cuddle time, on a lap,  Using a laptop on the couch, fagheddaboudit (forget about it for those that don’t speak “NY”).  Again, there’s those cat-like tendencies showing through.  Smokey will try to walk on the laptop, literally.

Smokey sleeps under the covers, next to me.  Reeses will sleep on the floor or at the foot of the bed.  Now, I have a Cal-King bed (extra wide) and I get 1/8 of the bed to sleep on.  Smokey may be small, but he is a solid mass.  Try pushing 50+ pounds of muscled dog over; not easy.

Reeses has learned if he wakes up Smokey and can get Smokey to jump off the bed, I will have to get up.  This is usually where the swearing comes in.  I really dislike when Reeses wakes the Smokey.  Just like with a baby, you don’t wake the puppy!

So, there’s a brief glimpse into my life with “the boys”.  They make my hair grey quickly (bottom picture of Reeses playing in my garden), they drive me to distraction at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  After all, rescued is my favorite breed!

Reeses stealing my spot

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