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Homeschool Happiness

Published November 21, 2017 by lynn k scott

Last night, we continued my daughter’s studies.  You know, history, science, etc.  We started a new mini-lesson on, “Poison Tongue, Healing Tongue”.

I admit it, I’m a bit of a geek, nerd, what have you, when it comes to homeschooling material.  I get excited about new books or curricula.  This in turn, elicits eye-rolls and my daughter telling me I am weird. It’s ok, I can live with that.  In part, because it’s true!

I recently purchased a new history set, called, “From Adam to Us”.  It’s a Christian publication and I am in LOVE with it so far.  It begins in the beginning with God creating the world.  The exercises has my daughter reviewing chapter vocabulary words doing exercises based on the reading.

The book in general is an easy read.  There are lots of colorful pictures, scripture mixed into the text and I find it relaxing to read.  Of course, I’m coming from a completely different perspective than a student would, as they have to do the work.

There are also additional books in the set, such as a timeline book, a literature book and maps.  Even though we’ve just begun using the books, I am liking what I’m seeing; a lot!

In additional to history, we covered scripture readings on how the Bible refers to the tongue.  How the tongue can be used to hurt or heal, depending how we choose to use it.  I admit, I have a sharp tongue and sarcasm and I have become all-to-familiar with each other.

In addition to trying to raise my daughter, I viewed this mini-course as a guide that could assist both of us in choosing our words a bit more carefully and use them in a better way than we have been.  No matter what our ages, we all have room for growth and improvement.

My daughter is extremely perceptive, add tween hormones and just a general kids don’t want to do school and selecting the proper way to respond isn’t always her forte.  I found the verses to be genuine and that there were multiple opportunities to discuss what we were reading and how it applies to us.

Lastly, we turned to Netflix for science.  We watched a scientist go up against a chef and they both made the same dishes.  Seeing a steak cooked the traditional way and then seeing how liquid nitrogen played a roll in cooking a stay was fascinating.  Did you know you can create a clear tomato soup that still tastes like tomato soup?  I didn’t until seeing this show.

No matter which subject we discussed, my daughter was learning.  She was engaged.  She was participating.  Not to mention, she’ll have something to share with her friends next time they get together.

As challenging as homeschooling can be, it’s a challenge that’s well worth the effort!


Introducing Karma

Published September 25, 2015 by lynn k scott

The lil miss was very engaged in last night’s history lesson. We were discussing the Spanish and French explorers.

We read about De Soto, who was wealthy, but wanted more riches. He had planned on conquering the Indians, even though he knew they had killed Ponce de Leon.  The book went on to say some of his men died because of fights with the Indians and others because they became ill.  Basically, he was responsible for those deaths because of his greed.

The outcome of De Soto’s exploration, was he never found gold (false stories) but he did happen upon the Mississippi River and is credited with that discovery.

The book said how he eventually became sick with fever and died. My precious daughter said, “that’s what he gets for being greedy”.  I responded, “that’s what’s known as Karma”.

I never considered that at her age. I just learned the name, discovery, date and moved on. History is going to be fun with her.

QOTD: Topic – Lessons

Published July 11, 2015 by lynn k scott

“We’re put here on Earth to learn our own lessons. No one can tell you what your lessons are; it is part of your personal journey to discover them. On these journeys we may be given a lot, or just a little bit, of the things we must grapple with, but never more than we can handle.” (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

A few things I learned from music…

Published May 19, 2015 by lynn k scott

Going back to a simpler time, the Beatles just wanna hold your hand.  I wonder if they knew Peter, Paul and Mary.  Seems they were friends with this boy Tommy who had a magic dragon named, Puff.  Of course, then you have Elvis who wants you to be his Teddy Bear and wants to know if you’ll wear his ring.

Don McLean reminded us of when the music died.  Norman Greenbaum took a different approach and had us looking for the spirit in the sky.

Years later, Cyndi Lauper taughter me girls Just Wanna Have Fun  To a newly turned teenager, that’s truth!  In all that fun, Bon Jovi doesn’t fail to remind that You Give Love A Bad Name but you can continue Living On A Prayer.  On the flip side, Joan Jett hates herself for loving you.

White Lion asks you to wait.  The Hooters are having a nervous night.  Glass Tiger doesn’t want you to forget them when they’re gone.  One Direction challenges you to steal my girl.

Journey always said, “don’t stop believing“.  Queen will rock you.  Bob Seger just wants his old time rock and roll.

I am just grateful all these artists have touched my life in some way.

This is the just the tip of my musical iceberg appreciation.

Using the Books We Want To

Published April 6, 2015 by lynn k scott

We had a wonderful homeschooling session tonight.  My daughter had trouble with her multiplication today.  She did all her problems incorrectly and her father made her redo them all.  That’s a first.  He normally saves it all for me to address.  My daughter is notorious for rushing through her work, just to be done.  She got busted quickly this time.

I decided to do another multiplication lesson.  This time, I wanted her to do the work independently, but while I was home to monitor her work.  I changed how she was to work through the problems and that seemed to do the trick.  Something “clicked’ because she was able to get all 26 problems correct.

We moved onto Language Arts and covered “possession”.  My daughter then asked to act out verbs.  While this may seem like a silly game, it helps reinforce action words.  If she correlates acting out the verb, then she is more apt to remember when she has grammar homework and sentence writing.

We took a few moment to do some reading about Chip ‘n’ Dale.  I love those little chipmunks!  I’m not the biggest Disney fan out there, but I try to get some reading in every night, if possible.

Lastly, I had my daughter go and get her Child’s First Bible.  The looked at the title and said, “Mom!  This book shows possession.”, as she pointed to the word “child’s”.  I couldn’t help but smile a bit as tonight’s lesson seeped into another aspect of her learning and she welcomed it with open arms.

While this children’s Bible is a bit simplistic, I can give the necessary background information.  It asks questions on what was just discussed, so the child can interact with the story.


We covered everything I wanted to get done.  These are the fun days of homeschooling.  I beam with pride at seeing her absorb the knowledge from her lessons.  It’s a simple reward that I continually cherish.

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