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You Gotta Fight, For Your Right…

Published April 8, 2015 by lynn k scott

Did you really expect me to end that with party? Silly you. As I was waking up, this topic was taking formation.

I have two dogs, a hubby and a Cal-King (wider than a standard king) bed. You would think there would be room to spare. Quite the opposite; courtesy of my canine friends.

The dogs are not huge. One is medium size and the other a tad smaller. Smokey, the smaller of the two, is the human body contact dog. He must physically touch you to sleep. This means, I have a cuddle buddy every night.

We all fall asleep in our given positions, yet somehow, in the middle of the night, my bed shrinks. I tend to wake up nearly falling of the bed, or pushed onto a space that would be equivalent of half a twin-sized bed. Rarely is the bigger dog the culprit. Tis the young pup who sprawls out in all his canine glory.

Whether it be laying on the covers, stretched out in a diagonal position, pushing me off with his little muscular body or is just the right angle to put me in a fetal position, he is a true bed hog.

Most days I awake to find myself in a unique sleeping position. Yet my pup is oblivious to the predicament he creates.

That being said, I love my dogs. They are my pack and I am their Alpha. To some that sounds funny, but to them, it is their reality. I am in charge, they know it and respond accordingly. I wouldn’t change our sleeping arrangement at all. Even if it means a nightly “battle” for the optimum sleeping position.


The Making of a Frozen Birthday

Published January 17, 2015 by lynn k scott

My daughter chose to have an ice skating birthday party with a Frozen theme.  Now, any parent can tell you, if you choose a theme that Disney had a hand in creating, the words “budget-friendly” rarely go with that theme.

What’s a mom to do?  Pinterest, of course!  I searched various boards, gathered ideas and made a plan.  I would be creative this party.  We would make glitter crayons (see link), Olaf cups to use instead of goodie bags and repurpose a tray to hold the mini Olaf army.

For the glitter crayons:

For the Olaf cups, you can search Pinterest for the exact details.  Here is the process in a nutshell.


  • Foam cups (I used 16 oz cups)
  • A piece or orange foam (cut small triangle noses)
  • Googley eyes (optional as you could use just paint)
  • Elmers glue (to attach nose and eyes)’
  • Black paint
  • Pink paint
  • Paint brush (opposite brush – to use for dotting the mouth)

2015-01-16 18.27.55Cut out all the triangle noses.  Glue them on the cups at a slightly upward angle.  Then dab a bit of glue on the cup and attach the eyes.  Lay cups on their side (might need to prop here and there to prevent rolling).  Let glue for the eyes dry completely (otherwise they droop).

2015-01-16 18.27.38

2015-01-16 18.23.07

Once the glue is dried, using a circular foam paint brush, add pink cheeks.  Then dipping the non-brush end black paint, add the mouth.

Let paint dry.  Olaf favor cups are now complete and soon will be ready to fill.


Onto the tray.  I used some teal glitter spray paint for the outside of the tray.  Then I used some pearl gray spray paint on the inside.  The gray wasn’t covering the red as I had hoped.  I used a combination of the teal and the gray on the inside and loved the results.

20150116_192328I could have been a patient person and let each layer dry before adding the next.  There was some pooling of paint on the inside.  I knew I would be using fabric backing on the inside of the tray to represent snow, so the minimal paint pooling wasn’t really an issue.  Once the paint dried, I added the backing.  Then I placed Frozen stickers on the outside of the tray to tie it into the theme.  The final step was to add the filled Olaf favor cups to the tray.

This turned out better than I had hoped for.  Not only was it inexpensive as I bought the paint with coupons at Michael’s, the stickers at the dollar store and the tray was from work that was going to be thrown away, it fit our theme perfectly and it didn’t include the Disney price tag.



My daughter loves how everything has turned out.  We’re even making making teal/blue frosted cupcakes with blue sprinkles.  Simple little homemade items have completed this wonderful birthday theme and kept us on budget!



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