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Don’t Rev On Me

Published May 13, 2015 by lynn k scott

Last night I was heading out to a meeting.  I was at the stoplight, right before getting ready to access the freeway.  A new, shiny black charger pulls up next to me.  I could see two young males in the car as the driver starts revving the engine.

I have become a car snob over the years.  I freely admit this.  I grew up with always driving run-down cars, never purchasing new and something always needed to be fixed on our cars.  I have been involved in the import scene as well as having dealt with muscle cars.  I have been a participant in numerous car shows (against my will but that’s another story…) and I’m not as “car-stupid” as I used to be.

As this “kid” kept revving his engine last night, I couldn’t help but think:

  • Give mommy and daddy’s car back to them
  • If you knew anything about cars, a CTS has beaten Chargers in a variety of categories, including performance.
  • You actually think your 4-door, family car, is even comparable to my luxury sports car.  That’s cute!
  • If you really wanted to sports car, you would have gone with the Challenger and not the Charger.
  • Speaking of sports cars, try that crap again and you best hope I don’t see you with MY Challenger; my other car.  Doubt you’d pull the same, stupid stunt then.
  • Don’t rev on me.

Btw…Chargers aren’t bad cars. Since I own a Challenger, there’s just no comparison (imo)

Again, I admit I’m a car snob.  But I’m a downright b*tch when it comes to “children” thinking they are grown and want to race, when they are clearly outclassed and don’t have the common sense of an ass; sorry mule.  I don’t race, but I do know how to drive.  That’s all I’m sayin’.


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