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Returning to the Gym

Published January 17, 2016 by lynn k scott

I’ve held different gym memberships over the years.  I’ve gone to small clubs and large, pricey, sell you every package and trainer they have gyms.

I recently rejoined Planet Fitness, as one just opened up about half a mile from my house. It’s not a fancy gym with pools, tennis courts or a daycare.  It has workout equipment that allows me to do what I want to do and leave.

One reason I like Planet Fitness is it claims no judgments.  Not sure how true that is, but at least the members who are working out aren’t 100% athletic, looks like they should be in a fitness magazine or intimidate those who are there to better themselves.

Right now, I’m just walking on the treadmill.  I love walking.  I choose to walk at a quick pace and I rarely hold on to the bars.  This way my arms get a small workout too.  I once had a trainer who refused to let me hold onto the bars.  Ok, so I was using it as a crutch back then.  That trainer has stayed in my mind for the last 15 years.  Good trainers are worth their weight in gold.  Sadly, I’m still in pauper status when it comes to hiring one.

My goal is to ease myself back into running.  I desperately miss running and want to continue it.  I’m hoping with the changes in my diet over the last couple years, I won’t have the flare-ups and swelling that I used to have.  I even gave myself a shimmer of hope of retraining for a half-marathon again.  None of my friends run or can understand the want and/or need to run in a half-marathon.  After all, it is a 13-mile run that is physically demanding and takes considerable training.  But one step at a time; literally.

I was half-way through my workout when two ladies decided to use the machines right next to me. Not really an issue, except they started to interrupt my workout.  I am very focused when I work out.  I will exchange pleasantries, but then I expect you to leave me alone so I can concentrate.

These two women were obviously confused as to where they were.  I mean the local coffee house is where you chit-chat about everything under the sun.  If you come to the gym to work out, then do that.  If you want to pretend you’re a hen and “cluck, cluck, cluck” with your other female hen friends, then get it out of your system before you leave the locker room.  I had to turn up my music to drown out their voices.  I seriously considered saying something after my workout, but took the higher road and just walked away.

These ladies had en entire row to choose from, where they could have continued their conversation, without disrupting anyone.  Instead, they chose the back row, where people were focusing and trying to complete their routine.  I think I will choose the next row up next time, because it’s not very popular. All the “cool kids” want the back row, just like if we had returned to high school.  Luckily for me, I just want a nice workout and I could give two flips as to whatever anyone might think of me.  That is one nice part about getting older; you’re not as concerned with public opinion as much.

I will say, I have missed the energy that working out in the morning has given me.  I’m going to have to find a balance during the week with my schedule.  I don’t only want to work out on the weekends.  Maybe I will resume getting up around 4:30 a.m., so I can get a mini-workout in before I get ready for the day.  That is one of the nice things about the gym, it’s open 24/7.


Working on Me

Published January 11, 2016 by lynn k scott

I recently noticed that a Planet Fitness gym had opened about half a mile from my house.  I had belonged to that same gym in another city several years ago.  I decided to join again. Not because I have made some resolution to lose weight or that I’ve jumped on the fitness bandwagon, or I have delusional goals of being super skinny.

If you remember my word that I picked for the new year was “understanding”.  Part of being honest with myself is working on my body while dealing with Celiac’s, which includes regular exercise.  I figure for $10.00 per month, I’m worth that.

I don’t need saunas, pools, massages, tennis courts or any other amenity that will raise the monthly rate.  I simply need an elliptical machine, a treadmill that will allow me to run/walk and maybe a few other toning machines and I’m good.

This weekend, a (male) friend I haven’t seen in a long time, told me he liked my haircut; that it suited me and my face.  I’ve lost considerable weight over the last couple years, and I’m making some simple cosmetic changes to go with it.

I’m working on keeping me healthy.  I enjoy “me” time.  I enjoy running.  The winter weather in N. California isn’t always conducive to running outside.  A simple, affordable, gym membership will allow me to stay on track.

After all, two lattes cost more than this membership.  I for one, make coffee at home and work, so this is my “treat”.


Getting Out The Door

Published January 8, 2016 by lynn k scott

Reblogged from:  My Journey

My reason for sharing this is because I can definitely relate to this!  At one point I was training for a half-marathon.  There is no drug better than a runner’s high.  If you don’t agree, then you simply haven’t experienced one (imo).

Either way, there are some great tips to get into or back into running.  For me, running with someone is out of the question.  I’m a solo runner and someone being near me throws off my concentration.  I like the other accountability options though.

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