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Poor Behavior

Published August 3, 2018 by lynn k scott

It’s no secret that one of the reasons I left Facebook was because of all the drama, keyboard warriors and utter nonsense that people felt they could get away with because they knew how to type to post nonsense in a shielded fashion on a social media platform.

One thing I like about WordPress is the community atmosphere it has; or normally does. It’s only happened a few times that I have had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with a “keyboard warrior” (aka online bully; for lack of a better term).

I do my best not to leave unpleasant remarks when I comment on other people’s blogs. I rarely discuss politics because it’s such a trigger point for some people and they revert to whining children if they can’t conceive there’s a different point of view of their own.

Today was one of those days. I had made a c


omment yesterday. Someone else responded today. While we had different viewpoints, we had an adult conversation.

Then “she” chimed in. The person who needed to stoop to name calling and “demonizing” a valid perspective on a situation. This person clearly didn’t understand all she was spouting.

I have worked in Human Resources before, and after, the ACA (Affordable Care Act). While, I am definitely not a fan (and we’re not going to discuss this topic further), I have seen what it has done compared to what was promised on paper. I have seen over 300 employees personally affected by the ACA changes that were implemented.

I personally, in case you didn’t know, have a life-threatening disease. I am all-to-familiar with how insurance works. What annual and prescription deductibles are. How employer-paid insurance works. I could go on, but it wouldn’t be productive.

With an online community, it’s helpful to believe everyone has the ability to behave appropriately. Name-calling; especially by adults is just unnecessary and speaks more about that person’s character than the person they are attempting to belittle.

I would implore you to monitor your posts and remove comments by those who refuse to behave properly instead of letting them act like school-yard bullies. Everyone has different experiences and different areas they are more knowledgeable about. Why not work as a community to have open discussions instead putting people down? Why not try to learn from each other? It may not solve anything directly or change a firm belief. However, it will leave the other party(ies) not feeling as if they did something wrong for engaging in a conversation. Isn’t that what we are here for? To learn about each other by reading about what we are going through, what we find important, what our experiences are?

Just my two cents…


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